Roman Culture

By Justin, Ryan, Francesca, and Simon


The Roman had were very rich in culture, they believed in god and goddesses, sacrifices, and every item had a spirit. In Rome the people took their religion very seriously and they prayed several times a day. It was so important to them they sacrificed humans, this was called funeral games. The Romans had many Gods to pray to and almost every culture had a sun God, a Harvest God, and a water God. The Romans also had amazing literature like the Great Cicero, who spoke for people in the court. They also made temples for every god they believed in. Besides literature Rome had sparkling buildings and Architecture. As you can see the Romans were very rich in culture.

Question #1:How did religion control or influence their lives?

The Roman culture had a big influence in the way they lived, one example is that the gladiators would fight if they were slaves and they had no option because they had to fight in wars. Another example is that the Romans would pray to the Gods so they would have a better life and that the Romans would pray several times a day. What also influenced the Romans was that they would believe in the Gods because they believed that they controlled everything that had aspects of life. Also the would have a Colosseum and there could fit about to 50,000 spectators and it was so well built that the floor of the arena could be flooded and also naval battles and people in real boats. Lastly another example of what influenced the Romans was that the leader of Rome was Julius Caesar and he was the one who would lead and rule the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire.

Question #2:How does our modern world reflect the innovations of classical civilizations?

Our modern world reflects Rome’s innovations in many ways. For example, we still use pillars today in places from the White House for decoration & style, to your own basement to support the ceiling from collapse. Another innovation that we still use today is arches. Arches are used in doorways and openings. With a regular square doorway, the opening can’t be as wide because it can’t support as much weight. But with an arch the opening can support more weight. Lastly, another innovation from Roman times was concrete. This material is used everywhere today. It’s used in almost every building and structure to hold them together. It makes up sidewalks because concrete is weather proof. Out of all our things today, its surprising how many of our innovations came from ancient Rome.

Roman arcitecture

Roman battle techniques- Justin B

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Conclusion by Francesca, Justin, Simon, and Ryan

In conclusion, Rome was a very interesting place. From the strong army, to the beautiful temples for the gods, and buildings for gladiator fights, Rome was one of the greatest and richest empires in the world. Romans were very passionate about their religion, they would worship the gods with temples and sacrifices. They would have funeral games, animal versus man, and gladiator fights. Romans also would sacrifice animals for the gods. Romans also took pride in their art and architecture. One of their most famous buildings was the colosseum, this is where the gladiator fights took place and it could fit 50,000 people because it was a big sport in Rome. The colosseum had arches to hold it up, and it was made out of concrete. In conclusion, Rome had lots of culture.