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Artist Statement

To me, art is something that shows others my thoughts. I’d like to show my opinion in my art. When other people see my drawings and paintings, I want them to know I did it by just paying attention to the objects and style of the art. I draw a lot of things I like, and agree with. I very seldom will put something in my art I dislike. Art is just a pastime or hobby I enjoy.


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As an artist.

As an artist, I believe my favorite medium is acrylic. Acrylic is so softy smooth, that my feelings and emotions glide right across my blank canvas. I choose my topics based on what will bring a smile to my face. I bounce around each different topic in order to explore myself as an artist.

Over time my art has become more of a mirror that reflects me. It shows more of my carefree spirit. It shows what I love. My art shows who I am.

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After a second semester of art honors I have become more comfortable with my style. I know better now what subjects I enjoy showing, and what mediums I enjoy working with. In the future I plan to make all of my 3D art functional. I also want to work with thicker oil paints in the future, and work on building up texture on a canvas.

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This year I made a miniature painting of a peach. The miniature had to have texture though, so I used molding past for the first time. I enjoyed using the molding paste because it was easy enough to work with that I didn’t get frustrated, but it still kept me on my toes. It gave me a really fun texture. I’m glad I used it because now I have a better understanding of how to use it, and I will have a medium to go back to when I am looking to build texture in the future.