'Salem's Lot

Brendan Laing

Ben Mears

Ben Mears is a tall auther with greasy black hair who, for a short period of time, spent his childhood in Jerusilum's Lot. He returns later in his life to write a novel, and while there, falls in love with Susan Nortan, and befriends Matt Burke. After Ben's arrival at the lot, numerous disaperances occur, and Ben seems to be the only person who can consider the surreal possibility of super natural creatures slowly taking over the small town. Ben is a very rational person, but once he experiences a corpse rise with new profound fangs, he believes. After this, Ben forgets about his novel, and dedicates all his time to discover what is going on in the lot, and how to get rid of the Vampires. Ben's biggest conflict arrises when his girlfriend, Susan Nortan, is turned into a Vampire. He was forced to plunge a wooden stake through the heart of his petrifying un-dead girlfriend."The hammer struck the top of the stake squarely, and the gelatinous tremor that vibrated up the length of ash would haunt him forever in his dreams" ( King 517-518). Ben is a very strong character, and after loosing many other close friends, he continued to fight and eventually killed the leader of the vampires.

Literary Elelments


One theme that is apparent throughout the whole book is belief. In 'Salem's Lot, refusal to believe means death. One major character, Susan Nortan, refused to believe in the Vampires, and puposly walked right into the home of one. She was quickley bitten and turned into a Vampire because of her lake of belief. Many others died because of a lack of belief as well. Many people though they were dreaming or hallucinating, letting the Vampires bite them willingly. In the lot, belief is your only safety.


Stephen King created a near perfect setting for 'Salem's Lot. Jerusilam's Lot is a small town in Maine, in which everyone knows everyone. A setting like this created a very intense Vampire story because of the relations that everyone in the lot had with each other. Gossip is spread quickly, and not much usually happens in the lot. Jerulilam's Lot is very isolated from other towns, and people dont usually come or leave. When people started disappearing and dying, it created a major distubance through out the town. The first person to die in the book was a boy named Danny Glick. His death was known, and spread throughout the town within hours of his death. Later in the book, when the town was over run with Vampires, no one knew beacause no one new ever came through the lot. Setting played a crucial roll in the develepment of the novel.

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'Salem's Lot is a very good book and I would rcommend it to anyone. King creates very terrifying situations, and forces you to keep reading. The novel is very long with good purpose, we learn the backround of almost everyone in the town, which is very necessary when people start randomly dying. The intense book is also very mysterious, and will keep you guessing throughout the book. King did an incredible job of making the Vampires seem real. The charecters in the book are just as stubborn about believing in the monsters as we would be if Vampires showed up in our towns. For this reason, the Vampires were very real. Anyone would enjoy reading this amazingly written book, and it would not disappoint.