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July 26, 2020

Phoenix Students and Families,

As I'm sure you know by now, we will begin the school year online and will continue online learning until September 27! Please continue to register through Skyward, you will find the link below, and continue to state your preference for in-person or remote. You will have opportunity to change your mind later. :-). I will be sending a CA survey regarding your preference, but will wait until mid September, so you will be better prepared to answer.

Collegiate Academy will be offering classes synchronous and asynchronous. What does that mean? Students will be required to attend one live online class period for each high school core class each week. Students will also have optional opportunities to meet live with their high school teacher each week. Freshmen and Sophomores will meet with their Pathways classes live Monday - Thursday the week of August 17. Adjustments to that will be made after our first week of classes. We want to make sure every student receives all information and is prepared to be successful in this trying educational system that we are in. Juniors and Seniors will need to meet live with their Pathways teacher at their first scheduled time to make sure they are ready for their college courses that begin on August 24. If you are a junior and have high school courses, you must meet with them live the first week of August 17 at your scheduled time. We will be sharing more details as we know them and as we get closer to the start date, in case things change. But I wanted to make you aware of expectations for the first week. Below you will find a lower classmen (freshman/sophomore) sample schedule and an upperclassmen (junior/senior) sample schedule.

We will be hosting live online parent meetings by grade level the week of August 10 that will be recorded and posted!

Remember that your college professor will make the decision for your class. whether you meet live each time or complete the course on your own time. As always and probably needed more than ever, CA teachers will be ready to support you in your college classes.

I have answered below the questions that I received last week, but here's the link to ask more questions. The more you know or the more you know what we don't know, helps us all be in this together. Together we will get through this and our students will be successful!! #PhoenixStrong!

2020/2021 CA School Year Question

In this time period of the human journey that we are living in, I'm sure we all have our own belief system that helps us cope with the present and gives us a hope for the future. My belief system is that God is in control and He will make a way! The Phoenix Way is to always overcome obstacles because success is on the other side! Until next week...

Always grateful,

Ms. Knutz

"The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why!" Mark Twain

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Answers to Questions from last week....Here are the answers at this time, but subject to change.

1. What will the situation be for clubs?

Clubs will be online until we begin face to face instruction. We will not have sports clubs until it is safe to have close contact.

2. I am a junior. What if we prefer face to face Pathways, even though the rest of my classes are online?

We will be virtual until at least September 28. Many students that are junior and seniors have requested face to face Pathways. We are working to create social distancing space to make that happen when we are allowed to resume face to face. We will update you as we get closer to resuming on campus instruction. I am excited that you want to be on campus!

3. Please provide more information on what school will look like when we can choose face to face?

Class rooms will be set up with student 6ft apart. Students and teachers will be required to wear masks. Lunch will eat lunch in classrooms. Still working on how students will buy their lunch, but will have a safe plan in place before September 28 and will share it as soon as we have worked out details with Nutrition Services.

4. When will we get to pick our classes?

If you are a sophomore, junior or senior, you should have chosen your classes in the spring of last year. If you did not, please email Mr. Cavanagh. If you are a freshmen, our counselor, is working on your schedules and will have them available in the next couple of weeks. The freshmen schedule does not have any choice.

5. Can the student decide what days of the week they can go virtual?

Per GCISD, students must choose virtual/remote or in-person when we begin in-person in September. For a student that might have an individual need, we can certainly discuss before then. When choosing a platform for instruction, it is for the 9 week grading period. Every 9 weeks you will be asked to select again, until the pandemic is over and all students are face to face.

6. How will seniors be conducted for this new school year?

The plan is to make the senior year as normal as possible. This fall all dances, parent meetings, etc. must not be held face to face. Hopefully, by spring we will be able to have normal senior activities like prom, face to face graduation, senior day, senior breakfast and Senior Signing day. You will get more detailed information in your Pathways class when school starts.

CA graduation is scheduled for May 19, 2021 at the Grapevine Convention Center at 7pm.

TCC has not published their graduation date for Spring 2021, but it is usually the Saturday after finals week, which would be May 15, 2021.

7. When will the class of 2021 transcripts be in parchment?

All class of 2021 transcripts have been uploaded into parchment. Please contact Mr. Cavanagh if you are unable to access yours.

8. Will we have Zoom or Webex parent meetings before school starts?

Yes! We will be sharing specific information regarding virtual parent meeting times later this month. It will also be recorded and shared on our website.

9. What is the maximum number of students that would be at CA daily if all students elected in person instruction?

We have 381 students enrolled for the 2020/2021 school year. However, juniors and seniors will not be on campus that often since their courses are mostly TCC NE online.

10. Would CA consider cohorting student into groups with identical schedules and having those students stay together through the day?

With only 1 teacher per subject that generally happens. When we get closer to face to face option and we know how many students are choosing face to face, we can certainly look at cohorting students.

Associate Director

Collegiate Academy Parents and Students,

I hope you are enjoying your summer and preparing for the start of a great year at Collegiate Academy! Yes, we are going to have an unusual start, but our teachers and students are pros at overcoming difficulty. It's what we do.


We are finalizing our plan with the TCC Bookstore, and it looks like we will be ordering materials online and having them shipped directly to students. I will be sending out ordering instructions to student email accounts around August 10.

Reminder: Please DO NOT order materials on your own; we have no way to make reimbursements for these kinds of purchases.

It's going to be a great year at Collegiate Academy, and I am looking forward to it.

Onward, Ever Upward!

Matthew White

Associate Director


2020 continues to be a very strange year, but unlike in the spring we are much more prepared for what will come next!


I've seen many of your questions about schedules and they will be updated in August. I know that's a disappointing response, but with all of the changes being made at TCC and the recent changes made to being online only through September, we still have some more hoops to jump through before the schedules are totally set.


If you're a senior graduating in the class of 2021 and you don't yet have a parchment account you can create one now or wait until the beginning of the school year and you can create it in your pathways class. Your updated transcript is already attached to your name in parchment, all you need to do now is create your account and you can begin requesting to send the transcripts to colleges.


A survey was sent to you on Thursday on whether or not you'd like to opt in to taking Kinesiology in the Fall. This is an unprecedented semester and there will be no long-term harm to students that choose not to take kinesiology in the Fall and instead focus on high school success. Going from an 8th grade online classroom to a college online environment will be very difficult and everyone should think long and hard before making a decision. That being said everyone that will be opting in will need to do so by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT, JULY 26th, otherwise your student will be in only high school classes in the fall.

Riley Cavanagh


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August 17 -21

Due to our online start, Freshmen Orientation (Camp Collegiate) will occur during the first week of school (Aug. 17-21) through each student’s online Collegiate Academy classes. We will not have any in-person meetings at this time.


Registration for all students for the 2020-2021 school year is now open and must be completed online. Go to to register.

All incoming CA students must register online. Any changes such as address, phone, etc., must be done through the registration process.


  • Custodians & Maintenance Engineers- Follow routine cleaning & maintenance procedures to maintain a high standard of safety & cleanliness of building operations & grounds. No weekends!

  • Lead After School Care Coordinator (Kidzu) -Plan and implement after school program’s daily activities; full time hours

  • After School Care Aides (Kidzu) - work w/students after school & be a role model - help with homework, games and other activities!

  • Bus Drivers - paid training program; CDL drivers starting at $17.60/hr.

  • Bus Monitors Assist bus driver in transporting students w/ disabilities


  • Part time or Full time hours! Weekends Off!

  • Competitive salary! Health & Retirement benefits!

  • Fun team environment!

To apply, visit

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