The great god

Who was Apollo?

Apollo was born on the island of Delos along with his twin sister Artemis to his Titan goddess mother Leto. Artemis was born before Apollo because Hera had stopped the goddess of childbirth from helping Leto give birth to her children. Hera despised Leto because she got pregnant by Zeus, who was Hera's husband, so she banished Leto from Mount Olympus which is why Apollo was born on and island/born on land. When Apollo was 4 days old, he killed Python, a dragon/snake that Hera had sent after Leto. Apollo was a very fast growing child and he learned how to use a bow and arrow very well and early to protect his mother from Hera. Apollo defended his mother, killing anyone who would throw harm her way.

What is he god of?

Apollo is the god of music and is often seen with a golden lyre. He is also the god of healing and is credited with giving science and medicine to man. He is also the god of truth and light. He is the god who would get into a chariot and move the sun across the sky daily. Apollo also learned the skill of telling/seeing the future to impress his father Zeus. (Which he was one of Zeus' favorites.) Apollo is also called Helios and is also the god of philosophy and of knowledge.

Other Facts

Apollo was one of the gods who told the people how to respond and connect with the gods. He told people their future and he help them connect with the gods. Another fact is that with his first love Daphne, Cupid shot him with an arrow making him fall madly in love with her. But at the same time, Cupid shot an arrow hitting Daphne to make her hate/not want to be with Apollo. She ran away from him, but when he finally caught up Daphne called upon Mother Nature and she was turned into a laurel tree. Apollo took a branch form the tree and placed it in his hair becoming one of his signs and to remember Daphne.

Apollo brought medicine into this world, but he could also shoot diseases and sickness with his arrows.

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