Updates from the Primrose Library

March 2019

Hello Primrose Families!

Recently the members of the News Committee from our 3rd Grade Library Council met. The students reported library news to each classroom and wrote the following updates for families.

Happy Reading!

Miss O'Kane

Hello Primrose parents!!!

This month, we have many Fun Facts to share with you. One Fun Fact is that kindergartners have made some wonderful shelf signs for the Everyone section in our Library!! Another Fun Fact is students have been improving on taking care of our Library. Students have been sharing their ideas in the idea wall. For example, a student wrote: "Add more Mr. Lemoncello’s Library books."

Thanks for reading!! Have a nice week!!!

- Maria, Kaya, and Abby

Book Love

Read of the Week

One Read of the Week this month was Everything and Everywhere by Marc Martin.

This is a nonfiction book with lots of facts about the Earth.

- Grace & Rose


There are 776 overdues this month. Since we just had February break, there are way more overdues than last month.

- Arya, Julia, & Vamika

Learning in the Library

Other Notes

Students have been doing a great job listening in library. The kindergartners made new signs for the everyone section in the library, the library decorating committee made new signs to hang up around the library. both of the bean bags had to be taken away because of responsibility issues.

- Sonja, Rylee, Alessandra, and Skyler