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August 08, 2023

Welcome to Our Newsletter!

My weekly newsletter will keep you updated about events, the school calendar, and all the important information you will need in order to support your student to have a very successful middle school experience.

Mrs. Beatriz B. Smith

Principal of the Dragons

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Meet The Teacher

Please come to the school cafeteria during your grade level scheduled time. You will have one hour to follow your student's schedule based on the announcements school will make.

See you there!

Attention: 7th and 8th grade teachers will not be available during the scheduled time for 6th grade level (4:00 - 5:00 pm). Thank you for your understanding!

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The Florida Department of Health requires that all students entering seventh grade must receive the Tdap vaccine, which protects against tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (whooping cough).

All seventh-grade students need to show proof of Tdap immunization before starting school.

This is your reminder to turn in your student's shot record before the start of school. Currently, we are missing 60 7th-grade students' immunization records.

Students without updated shot records cannot attend school


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23-24 Parental Consent Forms

This year's Parental Consent Forms are now available through your Skyward Parent Account. Your consent is required for certain services to occur. It would be appreciated if you could complete the following forms digitally:

  • Student Technology Acceptable and Responsible Use Agreement
  • Model Release Form
  • Health Services Consent Form
  • Library Access Form

It takes only 2-3 minutes to complete. Completing the forms digitally will ensure the school receives your accurate response.

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Not without the Health Consent Form

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Bus route assignments for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year will be available to view on August 1, 2023.

Please confirm your assigned school through the district Student Enrollment office before using this application to find your school bus information. Once school enrollment and/or address changes have been made with the school registrar, your child's transportation services may take up to 48 hours to begin.

  1. In the Grade field, enter your student's grade.

  2. Enter the house number and in the Street field, enter the complete street name including St, Rd, Ave, Drive, Circle, and others, i.e. Hanging Moss Road.

  3. Enter the 5-digit zip code.

  4. Click on "Find School/Transportation Information".

Access the Find A Bus System

For additional assistance, please contact us at:


Phone: 407-317-3800 (Call Center)

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Cell Phone Policy for Students

At the school board meeting on Tuesday, August 1st the 2023-2024 Code of Student Conduct was approved. As part of the updated Code, the board adopted a cell phone policy for all OCPS schools. The policy in the Code reads as follows:

Cell Phone Policy for Students

A student may possess a cell phone on Board property, on school transportation, and at school activities, provided that during school hours, the cell phone is silenced and concealed.

Pursuant to Section 1006.07, Florida Statutes, “a student may not use a wireless communications device during instructional time, except when expressly directed by a teacher solely for educational purposes. A teacher shall designate an area for wireless communications devices during instructional time.”

For purposes of this section, the designated area will be in the student’s backpack, or purse, except when expressly directed by a teacher solely for educational purposes.

Violations of the cell phone policy will be handled in accordance with the Code and may result in confiscation of said device. If the cell phone is used in a criminal act (such as sexting as outlined in Florida Statutes and the Code), the cell phone will be provided to law enforcement and the student may face criminal penalties. The use of wireless communication devices is always prohibited during the school day (from the first-morning bell to dismissal) unless expressly directed by a teacher solely for educational purposes. Wireless communication devices include but are not limited to, cell phones and/or auxiliary/ancillary devices such as watches and earbuds.

At no time shall OCPS be responsible for theft, loss, or damage to cell phones or other electronic devices brought onto its property.

These standards apply to all students in the public schools of Orange County.

We realize this is a change for many schools and our students.

Schools that previously had a “no cell phone” policy can proceed as they have done historically with the exception of mandating that a parent retrieve a confiscated phone.

Please note that there will be no grace period at Odyssey Middle School, and this determination is in effect starting the first day of school, August 10th.

On August 10th, the following progressive actions will be taken if a student violates OCPS’ cell phone policy.

  • Confiscation (returned to the student at the end of the day)
  • Detention
  • Positive Alternative to School Suspension (PASS)
  • Out-of-School Suspension (OSS)

Note: During the school day, if a parent needs to contact their child or a child needs to contact their parent, schools will make allowances for them to do so. A student would be called from class to an office, as you would if a parent was to come to the school to speak to their child or the child will be sent to an office if they need to make the call to the parent. Students should be directed to the nearest office. Students may use their personal cell phones to contact a parent as long as they are in a designated office.

At Odyssey, students will be allowed to use their cell phones in the classrooms as directed by the teacher, in case of unforeseen circumstances like bad weather (30/30 Delayed Dismissal)

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Welcome Dragons to the 2023-2024 school year!!!!

We hope you all enjoyed Summer and are excited to start this new school year. PTSA is the Parent Teacher and Student Association, our mission is to advocate for our students and strengthen the relationship between our school, families, and community by promoting activities that support our students to succeed.

If you haven’t yet joined our PTSA, you can do it online or at Meet the teacher on August 8th from 4-6 pm. We also have school spirit apparel available for purchase. All proceeds come back to our school.

Thank you to all 6th-grade parents who were able to join PTSA at the 6th-grade orientation. We appreciate your support.

Congratulations to our membership raffle winner, Amy Nicolle Belton. You can pick up your prize at the PTSA table at Meet the Teacher or we will deliver it to you on the first day of school Thursday, August 10th.

Our membership goal this year is 200 PTSA Memberships. We are already up to 56 PTSA members, with only 144 PTSA Memberships to go.

We would love to see more student PTSA members. PTSAs provide youth members with the opportunity to make a difference by developing leadership skills, learning about the legislative process, increasing their self-esteem, and contributing to the school and community. In turn, adult PTSA members gain a new perspective on program development and youth leadership development and acquire a better understanding of the youth of today. Here is the link to our online store.

✴ Kona Ice will be at the dismissal Friday, August 18th!! Remember to bring cash or a credit card, 20% of all sales will be donated to our school.

Mark on your calendar:

✏ Dairy Queen Spirit Night Wednesday, August 23rd

First PTSA General Meeting Thursday, August 29th at 5:30 pm in the Media Center.

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