Welcome to our Tundra Resort !!!

The most coldest place you will ever be!!!!

Welcome to the Tundra's Hotel

The Tundra resort is the best place to be during a hot vacation. In stead of being hot be cold with the temperature average of -18 degrees. View our new museum with the Tundra's amazing animals such as polar bears, the arctic hare and our snowy owl with the adaptation to fly 80 feet high!!! Also join in the activities outside our hotel such as sledding, skiing, site seeing and snowboarding.

* More information listed below

Children under 0-14 are free without paying ( adult required to get in resort)

Teenagers ages 15-19 are $49.99 per night they stay.

Adults ages to 20- so on are $109.99 per night they stay.

Q-Is the hotel cold in the inside? A-No its nice and warm.

Q-Will you learn a lot about the Tundra ? A- Yes you will when you go site seeing!!!

Q-What is the Climate ? A-The Tundra has a very cold climate compared to other parts of the world. During the winter months the average temperature is -30 F. The warmest it ever gets is around 50 degrees F.

Our Amazing Museum with the Tundra's Amazing Animals!!!

Come and visit our Ski/Sled/Snowboard hill!!!

Only 5.99 per supply you get such as (snowboard,ski, and sled).

Don't forget to Visit our Amazing Museum!!!!!

View the Tundra with your cold hands and feet!!!

Go site seeing 25 miles away from the Tundra's hotel you'll never know what you will find!!!
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