plenty of time to get a win!

Rich Wallace Scholastic, Inc 2006 January 2006 115 pages

character description

The main character is Dunk. The other 3,4 important characters are spencer, fiorelli,and the team. They relate to main characters because spencer and fiorelli are some of the best players and they give Dunk tips, and stuff.The team is also the other main character because they are trying to win the championship for the 1st time and they have really good games as a team.

  • Dunk
  • Spencer
  • Fiorelli
  • team

plot summary

Dunk is a free throw specialists and he joins a all star summer league team for the YMCA. He was a good 7th grade free throw shooter. Dunk tries to be a all around player. Dunk tries to start working on having a good attitude, and intensity . One game dunk was in a lot of pressure and their team lost against Camden. The coach put a lot of pressure on Dunk during the game , so Dunk was very upset and said that he wish he could disappear and not be on the team. The team was returning to the hotel after the game, but by Dunk being upset he didn't want to go with them. Coach apologized and said "I put you in a tough situation that your were not ready for.'' With the coach saying that it made not feel any better. The next game in the locker room coach had a surprise, the surprise was that he changed the lineup. Dunks team was in a championship game. The coach started Dunk in a few games, and the team really started playing good. Dunk began to make his free throws, but with only 8 seconds left the team lost the championship by a few points. After the game the coach spoke to the team and told them job well done, and before everyone checked out the hotel, coach allowed the team to go swimming. The team will be better next year and will be looking forward to winning the championship.


Other teams are trying to win the championship by taking Dunk's team chance away, but Dunk's team plays hard and do their best to win their 1st championship.

Title explanation

The title relates to the book as in Dunk always being under pressure. He is under pressure at free throw, and winning the game. Another good title for this book would be ''Plenty Of Time To Get A Win.'' I think that's a good title because in the book they have 8 seconds left to win the game and they get rushed and don't take their time with the game.

Book review

I liked my book because it deals with basketball. It is showing teams working together trying to accomplish their teams goal of how good they are as a team and never giving up. I would give this book 4 stars****. I like this book because it's a good team and you can be like the team trying to accomplish team goals and use teamwork and know that anything can be accomplished.