Carnegie Updates

for the week of September 19th

Principal Pollard

Dear Carnegie Professionals,

Thank you for another great week! Transitions in the hallways during lunch/recess are getting better. Thank you to all the teachers and staff who remain with their students in the lunch line! It takes everyone to ensure students adhere to the Level 0 rule! Together all things are possible!

As of Friday, our student enrollment is 655, including preschool. The 10th day of school is September 19th and our enrollment has increased. Due to the increased enrollment, we will receive additional funds. Funds will be allocated for technology, replace air units, make updates in the gym, repair the marquees, Saturday School, professional development and classroom supplies.

We will continue to enroll students in classrooms with less than 28 students through the 20th day of school (October 3rd). Therefore, your class rosters may change over the next few weeks. Enrollment is directly connected to school funding/positions.

There will be a Teacher Orientation Make-Up Meeting on Monday, September 19th in Room 116 at 11:00 a.m. for the following staff members are required to attend: Ms. Hegwood, Ms. Adams & Ms. Hernandez.

“Snapshot” visits will continue next week. Feedback will include Domain 3: Instruction. We will observe GRR, IB Design Projects, Discovery Education Techbook, Math Talks, Morning Meetings, Heggerty Lessons and Math Instruction. Written feedback will be placed in your mailbox on Friday.

Sadlier Vocabulary Books, Sadlier Grammar & Writing Books, IB MYP Concepts Books, Classroom Libraries and WestMusic items have been ordered. Upon arrival items will be delivered to your classrooms.

We will conduct a Fire Drill this week. The Chicago Police Department will conduct an unannounced Lockdown Drill in the coming weeks. Therefore, you are to familiairze yourself with the Fire and Lockdown Drill procedures. You are to review and practice with your students.

There will be a Back-to-School Bash & Out-of-Uniform Day on Friday, September 30th for all students who have returned there Lunch, Emergency and Media Release Forms. The dance will begin at 2:00 p.m. All Kindergarten-3rd grade students will be in the cafeteria and all 4th-8th grade students will be in the gym. Please Note: Lunch form roster & forms will be placed in your mailbox on Monday, please distribute to designated students ASAP. Lunch forms = Funding!

We will continue to post pics to our school Twitter page. You may email videos and pictures to me for our school’s Twitter, website page and/or Carnegie weekly Updates.

You are to ensure that a Media Release Form is on file for each students prior to posting pics and/or video.

Domain 1: Planning & Preparation:

  • Emergency Lesson Plans are due to Mrs. Stem on Friday, September 23rd.
  • Lesson Plans for the weeks of October 3rd through 14th and IB Unit Plans for the month of October are due on Monday, October 3rd. Feedback will be placed in your mailbox by Monday, October 10th.
  • Gradebook feedback will be placed in your mailbox on Monday, October 3rd for the month of September. You are expected to have input the required grades for each subject beginning the week of September 12th through September 30th.

Domain 2: Classroom Environment:

  • All classroom doors are to be closed and locked at all times. Therefore, it is imperative to keep your classroom keys with you at all times. As an added safety measure, your cellular telephone should be easily accessible in case of an emergency. Replacement keys have been ordered and will be distributed to you upon arrival.

Domain 3: Instruction:

  • TRC/NWEA Fall Assessment window is open. You are to ensure your students complete the NWEA Reading/Math Assessments by Friday, September 23rd. TRC Assessment (Kdg-2nd) must be completed by Friday, September 30th.
  • Kindergarten & 1st Grade Teachers ONLY *NEW* MPG Screeners: Schools administering MPG in Reading and/or Math this BOY may choose to give the MPG Screener to select students who, after first taking the MPG Survey with Goals assessment, score below the 40% percentile. The MPG Screener will not provide a RIT score, rather, it will give a good sense of where students strengths and weaknesses lie on specific skills and sub-skills of that respective subject. Here is a sample report.
  • You are to schedule an Educational Field Trip for Thursday, November 10th. As Wednesday, November 9th & Friday, November 11th are non-attendance days for students. So, book and confirm your field trip and bus now!
  • Kindergarten-2nd grade: Learning Centers must be place by Friday, October 14th. The following learning centers are mandated: Guided Reading, technology and Word Knowledge.

Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities:

  • Our attendance rate for last week was 97.9%. That's a 0.9% decrease from the previous week. Our school-wide goal is 97%. You are to input attendance into IMPACT daily by 9:30 a.m. If you are unable to input your attendance into IMPACT, you are to notify the Main Office immediately.
  • You are to send Immunization and Lunch Forms daily to the main office in your Blue Attendance Folder. The class that returns all forms will receive a Pizza Party (date is left to the discretion of the teacher).
  • The Media Release Forms are to be kept in the folder in your classroom. DO NOT SEND Media Release Forms to the Main Office.
  • All IMPACT problems/concerns should be emailed to me.
  • There will be grade-level meetings this week. The focus of the meeting: Instructional Planning.
  • You are to read "Intentional and Targeted Teaching: A Framework for Teacher Growth and Leadership: Chapter 1 by Friday, September 30th.

ESP & Lunch/Recess Aides:

  • There will be an ESP Orientation Meeting on Friday, September 23rd at 9:15 a.m. in Room 118.
  • Please adhere to your duty schedule; especially during entry and exit times. All staff must be visible on school grounds. Do not stand at the door, you are to circulate throughout the grounds. School grounds must be completely cleared during entry and exit; prior to returning inside the building. Any Kindergarten through 3rd grade student that are still on school grounds, must be brought to the main office.

Open House

Open House will be held on Thursday, September 22nd from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. There will be a general session in the gym from 4:30 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. Please be prepared to provide parents with your class syllabus, Coding at Carnegie information, ClassDojo or, collect lunch, emergency and media release forms and any other pertinent classroom information. Consider creating an Emaze - Parent Open House Presentation!

Please Note: All welcome letters must be reviewed by Mrs. Stem prior to distribution.

Congratulations to Ms. Caffie, Room 110 & Mrs. Anderson, Room 101 who have submitted 100% of Lunch forms! They will receive 5 tokens!

Coding at Carnegie

Just a reminder to submit your "Coding at Carnegie" donors choose project on or before September 22nd. Several staff members have submitted their Donor Choose request and have begun to receive funding or their project has been fully funded. So, let's get started. Remember to name your project "Coding at Carnegie" as it will be easy for our parents to find and donate.

Please Note: In an effort to ensure that everyone's class is funded, please keep your grant request between $300 to $700.

Student Council Committee

In an effort to improve My Voice, My School "Supportive Environment" we discussed forming a Student Council for 5th-8th grade students and to create a Student Needs Assessment Survey. The following staff members has formed the Student Council Committee: Mr. Murphy, Ms. E. Boateng, Dr. Coleman, Ms. Caffie, Ms. G. Brown, Mrs. N. King & Mrs. Anderson.

You may meet afterschool to discuss the Student Needs Assessment & Student Council. You will be compensated for one hour for attending. The Student Council Committee may meet twice a week or weekly. You are to submit an agenda and timesheet for each meeting.

CFE Small Grant Application

This is a quick note to let you know that CFE’s Small Grant application is now open! Grants of up to $600 are available to fund books, supplies, materials, field trips, or any other items needed by your classroom or school. All PreK-8th grade Chicago public school teachers are encouraged to apply including librarians, social workers, specialists, etc. Past CFE Small Grant winners are also eligible.

The application is available online and consists of just five questions, as it has in the past. You are welcome to apply for a new project or for a project similar to one you’ve done before. Please note that in the event of a CTU strike, teachers may not have access to their CPS email accounts. We recommend that teachers use personal email addresses to start their Small Grant Applications, just to be on the safe side! If you have any questions, you may contact Colton Mullinix at or 312.670.2034.

CFE grants deadline is Monday, November 7th!

"Spotlight on Instruction"

What a great week in Mrs. Carter-Clark class! Students participated in a scavenger hunt. They walked around the class and asked their classmates questions to see if their classmate fit the description in the scavenger hunt.
Big image

Brain Break!

Mrs. Carter-Clark student created an unique handshake!
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SOS Strategy of the Week "Snowball Fight"

Check out "SOS" Snowball Fight Strategy. Try it out with your students this week & send me your pics!

Happy Teaching!

"Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow"

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