Interview on Drug use

I interviewed a close friend's mom

What was their relationship to the person?

My brother Josh suffered from a drug issue in high school

How did this affect YOU personally?

It was really hard on the family because we used to be so close until the drugs came in and took over his life. He became distant and a completely different person. It hurt me so much to see him that way.

What types of drugs was Josh involved with?

It all started with marijuana but once that wasn't enough for him he turned to stronger drugs like heroin.

Does Josh still have a problem with this?

No luckily he was able to overcome his drug issue and turn his life back around and he is back to being the amazing brother he had previously been.

What caused him to stop his drug use?

The entire family came together for an intervention and he finally agreed to go into rehab. It was one of the best moments we ever had as a family when he finally agreed to go because it gave us so much hope for Josh.

How do you think this changed Josh’s life?

I think it made him realize how valuable life is and to not take it for granted. I think it also changed his life because he saw how much he really meant to the family.

How did Josh's drug use change your life?

It made me realize that I love my family too much to ever put them through something like that. It really mad me understand just how dangerous and addictive the drugs really are and made me become more thankful for the supportive family I have.

Why do you think Josh abused, what started it?

It all started due to peer pressure with a couple of friends who got him to do it. He thought it would be fun just to do it once or twice but it soon turned into a downhill spiral that lead him down a dark pathway.

If you got the chance to speak with a group of teens about drug use what do you think you would say to them?

That drugs use can really affect your family and hurt them. It killed me to see Josh like that so I would let them know that it would tear their family apart and hurt them so much to see your life go downhill like that.

What do you think Josh would say when speaking to a group of teens about drug use?

I think Josh would tell them his story and how it affected his whole family. I think he would talk about how dependent he was on the drugs and how he felt his life slowly falling apart.