End of Year

Technology Resource Procedures

Update Teacher Laptop to Mojave

The new teacher laptop you received this year needs to be updated to Mojave. Directions for this process are pictured below.

Please DO NOT update your old teacher laptop (current smartboard laptop) at this time.

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Directions on saving content from PowerSchool created courses you have managed this year can be found here. If you need assistance backing up course content in Canvas, please click here to schedule a time to meet with Mrs. Parker.


All trackers will be archived on July 1st.

We will create new trackers at a grade level meeting/PLC when school starts back.

If you are leaving the county and have assessments you created that are shared with your grade level, work with your team to make sure someone clones the assessment. Assessments are connected to the owner. If you leave, and assessments aren't cloned by another member on your grade level, then the assessment you created won't be accessible.

Click here for directions on how to clone an assessment.


Student enrolled on or before June 13th will be able to access iReady at home over the summer through August 5th.

After August 5th, iReady will not be accessible by students until the school year has started as they prepare for new class lists to sync with PowerSchool.

Dreambox/iReady Math

The decision has been made to switch our elementary math resource starting next year from Dreambox to iReady Math. This means both our reading and math programs will be through the same platform. Six schools piloted this resource and one purchased for this current school year. Based on feedback from these pilot schools, as well as feedback from a math vendor fair, the decision was made to switch.

I do not know what this means for students accessing Dreambox over the summer at this time. Further information will be sent out once it is available.

Clever Badges

Students in Kindergarten and 1st grade should be able to use their Clever Badges at home over the summer through August 5th to access district resources.

Need Help?

If you need help with any of the processes above, please book a time to meet with Mrs. Parker.