Cook Middle School

Message from the principal

Greetings Parents & Guardians!

We are completing our fifth week of school and despite the turbulent weather and one day off, we are excited and optimistic about the future!

I would like to keep all parents aware of a social media challenge that is currently sweeping our nation. Students are being exposed to a TIK TOK challenge encouraging them to vandalize school restrooms and campus property, while filming themselves in the act or recording the damage. This social media challenge also encourages students to record themselves stealing something at school. Unfortunately, many students across the nation are embracing the challenge.

I need your help! Please talk to your student about their choices, monitor their social media activity, and encourage them to report inappropriate behavior to an Assistant Principal, teacher, or staff member immediately.

As result of this TIK TOK challenge: we will increase supervision of restrooms; limit the number of students in the restroom; and implement sign in procedures for students that need to utilize the restroom.

Students that engage in acts of vandalism will be held accountable. Students will receive consequences and be required to participate in a parent/student conference with the principal.

We need you to speak with your Ranger about this unfortunate social media trend and encourage them to always exhibit R.O.C.K behavior in and outside of the classroom.

R.O.C.K. means that you are Respectful - Organized - Cooperative - Kind (R.O.C.K.)

Best Regards,

Martin L. Drayton


"Rangers today, Leaders Tomorrow"



1. We are experiencing a high volume of tardies to 1st period. Please make arrangements to leave early and get your ranger to school before the tardy bell.

2. Students may only use electronic devices if authorized by a teacher for instructional purposes or with adult permission. Students may not use electronic devices in the hallways or during lunch. Violation of the electronic device policy will result in confiscation. Confiscated cellphones require a parent pick up with an administrative fee of $15.00.

3. Please do not text or call your Ranger during the day. If you have an emergency, please call the front desk and we will contact your ranger.

4. Remind your Ranger to bring their ID daily. ID's are for safety and security. Temporary ID's cost $1.00 and require students to be pulled from advisory class. Fees can quickly add up. ID badges are needed to eat lunch and get on the bus.

5. Please monitor your child's social media activity. We have been informed that additional TIK TOK challenges are being circulated and may be referred to as "Devious Licks."

Staff - Rangers of the week

quick tips for monitoring your child's social media activity

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