Skype in the Classroom

Skype in the classroom has a positive effect on students.

Students use Skype in the classroom to talk to a NASA represenative.

"The children could see Storm, and he could see them. They interacted as if he were right there in the room, though he was actually at Glann Reseach Center at Lewis Field in Cleveland" (Ritchie).

Schools buy books for their students to read. They then Sykpe the author so the author can talk to the students about the book they read.

“Skype visits have more of a book club-y feel to them” (Springen).

Tere Alvarez, a teacher in Cancun, teaches students Spanish over Skype for 25 cents every 30 minutes and $30 a semester.

"Twice a week Alavarez teaches half an hour of Spanish to Greg Rehberg's class; she commutes, via Skype." ("Students...")

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