Luisitania Sinking

Zach Lomas

Just another boom!

It was May 7, 1915 and we were driving on the atlantic ocean at 20 knots. There was a risk being out on the water because of WWll, but we took it anyway. There was a risk because German U-boats were out looking for enemy vessels. We were told to drive as fast as we can and in a zig-zag pattern. Our captain,  William Thomas Turner, slowed the ship down due to fog and he was driving in a pretty straight line. Our guard was down because we weree all eating lunch and the look outs didnt see the U-boat coming and they targeted us and shot a torpedo.The torpedo hit the starboard (right) side, the side i was on and there was a BOOM! Then shortly after another boom. We all scrambled to a life boat but there were not enough of them for some of the passengers. Luckely i got on a boat and was safe but the ship sank within 18 minutes Of the 1,959 people on board,  1,198  died.