Ms. MacDougall's Fridge Facts

May 9-13th


Skill of the Week: Contractions

High Frequency Words (cannot be sounded out): over, will, then

We are continuing to read and write contractions. The students have been playing the games contraction memory and contraction go fish to help them practice. This week they also have been introduced to how important characters and the setting is in a story. We learned to take a sneak peek which now means only looking at the cover page, the blurb on the back, and the table of contents to figure out what adventure the characters will have.

Writer's Workshop:

In Writer's Workshop this week we are wrapping up our unit on realistic fiction. The students are using their super writing powers to remember to set goals, create pretend characters, invent adventures, use patterns, spell the best they can, and unfreeze people. The writers have also created a meet the author page. This page includes any information they wish to share with the reader. We discussed a meet the author page can include information about favorite hobbies, our family, our pets, and where we live. The writers also picked a story to fancy and fix up. This means the story has colorful illustrations and a cover page. On Wednesday the weather was so beautiful that we decided to take writing outside to the butterfly garden! The writers enjoyed working outside with nature.


The mathematicians are continuing to practice adding ten to a number. First they used a hundreds charts as a tool to add ten. They also have been practicing adding ten in word problems. We also did an activity called Farmer McDonald. It was about about farmer that had seventeen animals on his farm total and there were only three different types of animals. The challenge was to draw or write a number sentence to show how many of each type of animal he could have.

Other News.....

In science we learned about what an organism is. Each table group had to sort through pictures of living and non living things to figure out what an organism could be. Then the class had a discussion about organisms and realized an organism is a plant, animal, or single cell life form. This means that our bess beetles, pill bugs, guppies, and snails are all organisms!

Action Discovery Museum

Next Friday, May 20th is our field trip to the Discovery Museum. The bus will pick us up at 10:30 and we get back to Fiske around 1 p.m. Please make sure to pack your child a lunch for that day. We will miss our normal lunch time.

Big Backyard

Monday, May 16th, 2:15pm

55 Adams Street

Lexington, MA

Acton Discovery Museum

Friday, May 20th, 10:30am

177 Main Street

Acton, MA

Remember to pack your lunch!