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January 26, 2018

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Winter Pep Rally

Student Council planned an incredible Winter Pep Rally! Freshman, Nola B. sang our National Anthem; our Pep Band set the tone while we celebrated our winter athletes from Tamanend and CB South; we celebrated Tamanend Together-style playing fun games; and, we cheered for our Cheer Team which will compete next weekend. Go Tigers!

ALICE Assembly

Our students learned about new procedures for intruder on campus drills and emergencies today. Backed by the Department of Homeland Security, FBI, FEMA, the U.S. Department of Education, and both state and local police organizations, ALICE stands for Alert, Lock down, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate (not necessarily in any particular order). Following the assembly, students discussed these procedures and did a table-top drill in Advisories.

Geography Bee

Submitted by Mr. Landis

On Friday, January 26th we held our annual Geography Bee, which encourages students to explore and chart the known and unknown parts of our world. 8th grader, Patrick S. cruised his way to the championship round, wherein he defeated 8th grader Alex W.in a razor-thin best-of-three finish. 7th grader Henry T. had an outstanding showing, placing 3rd place after defeating fellow 7th grader Maya J. in a sudden death run off. The Social Studies department is proud of all class winners and finalist! Great job!

9th Grade Assessment

Ninth graders did a self-reflection today as part of the 9th Grade Assessment requirement. This will be followed up with a presentation about resilience in the near future also to be completed during Advisory.

Featured Teacher

Submitted by Paige S.

A new addition to our Tamanend Connections newsletter is a featured teacher each month. This month we are featuring Mrs. Szagola!

Mrs. Szagola (pictured showing her winter spirit and love of reading with with Mrs. Mancini) has been teaching for 37 years and loves working with her students! She has mostly taught 7th grade but also a few other grades. Mrs. Szagola’s hobbies outside of school are... reading, traveling, and playing games. Mrs. Szagola has a few kids who are all grown up. She has a dog named Lucy plus a bird named Bam Bam. Mrs. Szagola’s favorite vacation spot is on a cruise ship to the Caribbean. Her favorite color is Eagles Green! Mrs. Szagola went to Beaver College, now known as Arcadia University. Her favorite food is anything Italian and she loves soup. Her favorite show is The Amazing Race and she loves all Broadway music. Mrs. Szagola’s favorite young adult book series is Twilight. When Mrs. Szagola retires she sees herself sitting on a beach or by the pool while reading a book.


The Eagles are going to Superbowl! For many Philadelphians and Eagles fans, words cannot describe what we are feeling. And even if you are not a die hard Eagles fan, or even a sports fanatic, you have to admit, the journey of our Eagles team is a true story of grit!

This Eagles season is an excellent model of the learning motto at Tamanend--IF-YET-TRUST. We tell our students that IF they work hard in school and study, they will learn and succeed. However, we also acknowledge that sometimes the learning is more difficult and they may struggle. In those moments, we teach our students to tell themselves, "I just haven't figured this out YET," and keep trying. When that doesn't work, we want our students to TRUST others--their teachers, counselors, principals, etc.--to help them through and succeed. Those three words have been the learning motto at Tamanend for many years now. However, in appreciation, respect, and sheer excitement for the Eagles and their IF-YET-TRUST journey, for the next two weeks, we have changed our learning motto to...

F L Y - E A G L E S - F L Y

So Tigers, when you are struggling and feel like giving up, think of the excellent example we have in our Philadelphia football team and FLY-EAGLES-FLY!

Go Birds!

Link to Unity

This past Saturday, students from CB South and Tamanend's LINK clubs along with teachers from CB South arrived bright and early to set up for another L2U. Forty Tamanend students participated and were officially "linked." What does that mean? Students linked are united in helping Tamanend be a positive place were everyone can feel connected through community, energy and action!

A Few Friendly Reminders

This coming Monday, we will go over the following reminders on our Tamanend Today Show. We ask that parents/guardians please review these with your student at home. Thank you for your support. The car rider drop off pattern is posted below for your review.

Handicapped/Visitors Parking: Please do not use the handicapped/visitors parking in the morning to drop off your student unless you or your student is handicapped or recovering from a temporary physical injury that requires you or a staff member to help him/her into the building. To be a visitor, that means the driver needs to come into the building, perhaps for a meeting, etc. Drivers coming in and out to quickly drop off students in the visitor's area is creating an unsafe situation in a very small parking area. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Water Only: We allow... we even encourage students to bring water to school. We especially encourage bringing reusable containers and using our water bottle filling stations. Water is good for us. It is especially good for our brains to stay hydrated by drinking water. We do NOT allow students to drink other beverages such as Gatorade or coffee during or between classes. If students drink those beverages, we ask that they do so before arriving to school. Students can pack and enjoy a sports drink for lunch but they must finish it before lunch is over. Water doesn’t stain, burn, or attract bugs when it spills. It is just plain healthy and all students need it during and between classes. Thank you for your respectful understanding.

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Upcoming Events

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February Events

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6th Grade Parent Orientation

Monday, March 5th, 7pm

1492 Stuckert Road

Warrington, PA

SAVE THE DATE! We happily anticipate meeting our rising 6th grade parents and guardians and showing off all the many wonderful things to look forward to at Tamanend Middle School.

Please note the March 5th date of 6th Grade Parent Orientation. The CBSD calendar, which was printed in the summer, has a different, incorrect date.

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  • If you like to shop online, check out the eScrip Online Mall. When you sign up for an account, selecting Tamanend earns money for our school.

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