A Non- Fiction Memoir By Maya Van Wagenen (wag-eh-nen)

What it's about.....

Popular. What does it mean? Maya Van Wagenen (wag-eh-nen) proves it's not about wearing fancy clothes, being rich or wearing makeup, or even looking pretty in general. It's about being kind to other people; making people like being around you.

Maya does an experiment to see if people will treat her differently if she follows rules in a book that tells you how to be popular. Before, Maya was an average girl, in seventh grade, who referred to herself as a 'social outcast'. After the experiment, when she followed the advice, she was confident and most of the kids in her grade told her she was possibly the most popular girl in school!

Maya asks some of her fellow classmates what they think popularity means; here are some of the responses:

~"To have the center of attention."

~"Being different from other people."

~"To fit in."

~"Being nice to people."

~"To have good friends."

~"Feeling comfortable and confident in every setting."

~"Everyone likes you."

Which one do you agree with?

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Picture of the book Popular, By Maya Van Wagenen

Maya Van Wagenen Book Trailer - Popular

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