Entrepreneur Research Project

Conrad Hilton


Martha Flores 4th period 10/22/13

Introduction of Entrepenuer

Name-Conrad Hilton Sr.

Date of Birth- December 25, 1887

Place of Birth- San Antonio NW

Major Accomplishments- Being a wealthy American businessman, philanthropist, and founder of the Hilton Hotel chain of luxury hotels.

What industry is the person currently working at?

Is not currently working anywhere because he died in 1979, but his operations are still running.

Background information

He took over his father's general store at the age of 21 and served in the New Mexico State Legislature. After fighting in WWI, Hilton bought the Mobley Hotel in Cisco, TX and grew it into a hotel empire. He formed the Hilton Hotels Corporation in 1946 and expanded his operations outside of the US.

Entrepreneurship qualities

  • Determined- When he suffered a huge financial setback he got back up and did his empire.
  • Creative- He thought that each property should have it's own style.
  • Smart financially- He expanded his operations all over the world

Am I an Entrepreneur?

Yes but i might still need some qualities as in being less of a procrastinator. I am an over achiever, creative and caring.

i would love to be my own boss & have my own establishment as a psychologist, to help people out.