May Swenson


Body my house

my horse my hound

what will I do

when you are fallen

Where will I sleep

How will I ride

What will I hunt

Where can I go

without my mount

all eager and quick

How will I know

in thicket ahead

is danger or treasure

when Body my good

bright dog is dead

How will it be

to lie in the sky

without roof or door

and wind for an eye

With cloud for shift

how will I hide?

May Swenson

May Swenson was born in Utah, but she lived most of her (adult) life in New York City. She was ranked as one of the three best women poets of the 20th century. She is an editor and teacher. She also translated Swedish poetry and wrote poems for children.



I think the poem is about someone who loses their dog. He or she is asking a lot of questions about how how or she will keep on living, because it is going to be very different without the dog.