Adamant Arthropods

Created By: Joseph McConnell

Arthropods (Arthropoda)

Arthropods are a hugely diverse group of organisms spanning from ants to crayfish, and they cover 90% of the animal kingdom. An arthropod is anything with an exoskeleton (a skeleton on the outside of the body), a body divided into distinct parts, jointed legs and appendages, and bilateral symmetry (both sides of the body are the same).
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Insects & Arthropods


  • To learn the external anatomy of arthropods
  • To better understand arthropods


The habitat. like its members, is vast. The arthropod can live basically anywhere; oceans, lakes, rivers, deserts, plains, forests, cities-- you name it -- arthropods are every where!

Predators and Prey

The main predators of arthropods are usually birds, humans, anteaters, insectivores, and fish-- but because there are so many types of arthropods they have a vast range of predators, and not all of them have the same predators. This also goes for the prey, and in some cases the prey of arthropods are other arthropods.


Arthropods have had many adaptations suit themselves to their environment. Some of these would be an exoskeleton, an open circulatory system, segmented bodies, and jointed legs.

Internal and External Anatomy

Jointed Legs

Jointed legs are a characteristic of all arthropods, and in my opinion one of the most important. Jointed legs allow for the animal to run away for predators, run to prey, move from danger, and to move into safety.