Lockdown Lowdown

Friday 8th May 2020

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Heroes - the Lockdown Lowdown playlist

Here are the songs played by Mr Wheeler on today's Facebook live streamed Lockdown Lowdown.

Sing - Gary Barlow (Performed by the Brayton Family Singers)

Working Class Hero - John Lennon

Heroes - David Bowie

Holding Out for a Hero - Bonnie Tyler

Hero - Mariah Carey

Heroes - Alesso

Superheroes - The Script

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Welcome to our second Lockdown Lowdown!

The message is clear - stay home, stay safe, save lives. But - just because we can't be together doesn't mean that we can't celebrate together!

Stay home, work out

We are hearing so many messages from home that our children are joining in with the Jo Wicks daily workouts and the J7 challenges, that we will have a fitter, healthier school when we are all back!

If you can, please join in with next week's Race to London and Beat the Teacher PE challenges which came to you on email this week.

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And these are our Superstars this week - nominated by their families to receive a special mention

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Noah and Finn

We would like to nominate both Noah and Finn together, for being such lovely brothers to each other, and bringing humour and brightness to our family, no matter what.

They are working hard on their school work, often helping each other along the way, which is lovely to see. They are also brilliant at thinking of others’ needs, sending cheery messages and pictures to all their grandparents who can’t leave home right now.

We have been so impressed with how they care for our puppy, not only blowing ‘bacon bubbles’ and playing ‘hide the toy’ with her, but also remembering when she needs a walk, a wee or her food - she adores them both, as do we - thanks boys for being fab brothers!

And the rest of you...

Even if you didn't get in this week's Lockdown Lowdown, your teachers are loving finding out what you have been learning at home. We are proud of each and every one of you. Keep sending in the photos and the nominations for the next edition.

Stay safe and take care!

Together we shine as one.