Mountain Lion Minute

Week of October 19th

Mountain Lion Families,

Thank you to our Home and School and staff who were able to make yesterday's Pumpkin Pick Up and Planet Aid event a great success. It was so refreshing to see all of the little smiling faces, in person!

We have been working feverishly to complete our hybrid schedule. I want to give Mrs. Faia a huge shout out for her hard work in helping to create these schedules. Many of you have reached out to make sure siblings attend on the same days, as well as request for specific days due to child care. I have made it a priority to try and accommodate as many of these requests as possible. My understanding is that the schedules will be released to families this Tuesday.

I plan to hold an open discussion to answer as many questions as you may have regarding the reopening of schools. This discussion will take place on Thursday, October 22nd at 1:30pm. I understand many of you may not be able to attend to due prior obligations, therefore I will record the Q& A session and release the recording that evening. You may find the meeting link HERE.

I've also created a color coded calendar that denotes the daily schedule for Hybrid A (H1) and Hybrid B (H2) through the month of December. Please be advised that early dismissal schedules are also listed on the calendar.


Important Dates/ Information

Week of October 19th:

  • Montgomery staff returns to the building
  • Students with significant disabilities who have been receiving special education services at Gwyn Nor will return to Montgomery for full days of instruction.

Week of October 26th:

  • Students in grades K-2 return to Montgomery in A/B hybrid model
  • Students with significant disabilities receiving in-home special education services electing to receive live instruction return to home buildings.
  • Special education teachers of self-contained classrooms begin instructing students live and in person.
  • Related Service Providers of PASA eligible students deliver services live and in person.

Week of November 9th:

  • Students in grades 3-6 will return to Montgomery in A/B hybrid model.

Monday, November 2nd & Tuesday, November 3rd.

  • Students will not have school on both of these dates
  • November 2nd- Teachers/staff have this Monday for professional development

  • November 3rd- Teachers will be reaching out to some families if these is a need to schedule a conference for your child. Teachers have the morning on the 3rd to conduct any VIRTUAL conferences that may be needed. Look for more information from your child's teacher.

Mountain Lions of the Week

Every staff member has a great story, unique aspects of their job, and, more importantly, a personality outside of that job. They have experiences that may help you through whatever you are struggling with and will do it with a smile on their face. Each and every staff member on this campus is important and helps the campus run smoothly.

This week, our Mountain Lions of the Week are Mrs. Melissa Salamon and Mrs. Amy Swartz!

Mrs. Melissa Salamon

"I would like to highlight Melissa Salamon. Melissa has always been there for me since I started my teaching career at Montgomery. Melissa not only cares deeply about the students at Montgomery but also cares about the staff members she works with. Melissa is always there to lend a hand or an ear. During my induction process, we were told a story about how everyone should have a marigold. A marigold is someone who is positive, supportive, and kind. Melissa is a marigold to so many at Montgomery."

Mrs. Amy Swartz

"First and foremost, Amy cares about her students. She gets to know her students personally and makes connections with them, which aid in her classroom management. This also develops trust in her classroom. Another reason why Amy is such a great teacher is her ability to work with any coworker. She is open with her planning to new ideas and is flexible when schedules change or needs arise. Lastly, Amy is reflective in her teaching methods. This is a positive attribute because she will reflect back on a lesson or topic and try and find ways to improve her methods. Her students benefit from having her as a teacher. As a co-teacher that has worked with Amy I have seen first hand how much heart and love she has for teaching. Her passion does not go unnoticed by her students or fellow coworkers. Overall, Amy Swartz is a great teacher and all her past, present, and future students are lucky to have her instructing them!"
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Emily Kline - President

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Marci Ramos - 1st Vice President
(c) 610-405-6619

Katie Hersh - 2nd Vice President

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Deb Dancer - Vice President of Ways and Means

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Michelle Judge – Treasurer
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Jayme Maitz - Secretary

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Montgomery Elementary School

Mr. TJ Seidenberger, Principal

Mrs. Lorraine Oliver, Principal's Secretary

Mrs. Beth Faia, Building Secretary

Mrs. Toby Sterling, Counselor

Mr. John DeSimone, SCC