Alpine Skiing

Sumaiya A. Giang D. Samantha W. Block 3 Mrs.Kirby

Alpine Skiing Basics

Alpine skiing started in1920’s, the first competition was in 1931.Fourteen athletes of either gender are required per team.The Olympic Alpine Skiing competition consists of 5 events, including downhill, slalom, giant slalom, super-G, and super combined.

What Harsh things do the athletes in the Olympics go through

  • Harsh weathers with snowfall and rain
  • Trying out for the Olympic events
  • Training
  • Falling down and hurting your body and bones
  • Winning for your division or country

Alpine Skiing in the Olympics

Five women and five men get to participate Alpine Skiing in each event. You travel over top of the snow racing and jumping in the cold climate. The United States came in 2nd place with the total of 28 medals while Russia came in 1st place with the total of 33 medals.

Best Alpine Skiers on United States Olympic Team