Owl Dynasty

July 2014

Fall Launch and CONVENTION!

Stay tuned for some Convention sneak peeks soon!!


There are constant updates in our back office. Please check into your back office at least once a week!! As you know I am not the best or fastest at relaying these updates. Our Director Heather Zimmerman always has the latest news on her Facebook page as well.

As always please let me know how I can help you with your business (at ANY level--you don't have to be my first line for me to answer questions/help!)


I am super exctied about the chance to win a shopping spree (or even a gift card) with Chrissy and Bella.....but I am also excited to hold a giveway incentive for our team!

Okay so I know it's not quite like $10,000 or an O2 blue Jeep but....

You can earn ONE entry for every $250 PV you have through July AND August...


You can earn TWO entries for every team member that joins in July AND August...

and one lucky winner will get the cute Olive Owl for your Jewelry Bar display!!!!

(see the picture below and the video at the bottom of the newsletter)

Big image

Top Sales Recognition:

Here are June 2014 top ten (actually 13 of us earned the New Hostess Exclusive FREE) in personal sales (PV):

1 Georgene Bosich $920.10 (top sales last month also!!)

2 Diane Sheward $814.20

3 Marcy Boyd $794.30

4 Marsha Meyer $729.10

5 Cheryl Huntley $717.80

6 Kim Monroe $689.90

7 Lynette Magnuson $639.10

8 Stephanie Heiner $556.80

9 Mary Ward $511.20

10 Tamara Cook $490.20

11 Amy/Baylee Eastes $483.20

12 Mary Robitz $466.60

13 Carolyn Garnes $450.20

Keep up the hard work everyone--Congrats :)

Team Building

We added SIX team member in the month of May....and

none in June :(

Hoping to make this up in July and August

Fall Preview and CONVENTION!

Myself, Amy and Baylee Eastes, Diane Sheward, and Sondra Sheward are heading to Phoenix Wednesday!! We can't wait for our Warehouse Tour, yummy meals, fellowship with sister owls, and can't for all the announcements and GIVEAWAYS and much more!!

I have a private FB event just for our team to keep you in the loop throughout the exciting weekend (oh pssst and there will be a little giveaway on there too!)

Below is the Webcast from Chrissy incase you wanted to see Olive Owl again or those 3 adorable new charms! (My favorite is the teal blue Kettle Bell--I've been going to the gym 2-3 days a week but I also love love love the green tractor--farm girl born and raised and raising my kids that way too!)