Reproductive Health

Brenen Eddings


A mammogram is an X-ray picture of breasts. Mammograms are used as a way to check for breast cancer in a person who has no signs or symptoms of the disease. Women should get regular checkups since breast cancer often has no signs. Men can have a mammogram done but since their chance of getting breast cancer is so low, mammograms are not routinely recommended. Women should start getting annual mammograms done no later than age 40.

Pap Smears

A pap smear is a test that helps doctors figure out if there are any problems with a girls cervix. They are used to identify infections or catch cervical cancer. Women only should get these checkups. Teen girls don't need to have a pap smear done unless they or their doctor feel like something is wrong. After a woman turns 21, they should have a pap smear done every 3 years.

Testicular Exams

A testicular examination is an easy way for a guy to give himself a checkup on his testes. When giving yourself a testicular exam, you're checking for any unusual lumps or bumps which may be an early sign of testicular cancer. Men only should give themselves these kinds of checkups on a very regular basis. Since they are so easy to do, doctors recommend once a month after they get out of a hot shower a bath they perform a checkup. If a guy gives himself one of these checkups and finds something alarming, he should see a doctor right away.

Prostate Exams

Regular prostate exams are used to prevent and or catch prostate cancer before it becomes an issue. Men should get these regularly staring at age 40 and typically ending at age 70. A man who just wants regular checkups should get this exam done once every 4 years but if there are concerns about his health he should get one at intervals his doctor decides.