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Reflections from Pastor Jennifer

Shout out to Gretchen for her mime yesterday! It was a great reminder that we are loved by God, regardless of our doubts and struggles. We are fully known and loved by our Heavenly Father. If you weren't able to be with us yesterday for "Your Past is Not What You Think", you can watch online in our message archive. To learn more about Paul's spiritual journey, you should read Acts 8-28 and any of his epistles (Romans - Philemon).

Back To School!

Please Pray for Students and Staff

As we can tell by the calendar and tv commercials, back-to-school time is upon us! I speak from experience when I say that school is different than it ever has been. Kids are more anxious, stressed, and pressured than staff have ever seen them. Teachers and administration often feel defeated by the sheer amount of work required to meet the mental, physical, and emotional needs of the students within their care. Add to that the concerns of Covid, the threats of school violence, and the pressures of the the world in general many may not be looking forward to returning in a few weeks.

We need to pray. Pray for the kiddos who are going to school for the first time, wide-eyed and nervous. Pray for the Seniors who are now faced with leaving behind the familiar to pursue their futures. Remember the teachers who are changing grade levels, moving to new schools, or attempting to balance work and home. Lift up those bus drivers, custodians, cafeteria workers, and all support staff. Ask the Lord to give wisdom to school counselors and psychologists who will be the confidantes of children who are worried, confused, or abused. Pray for safety, strength, and encouragement for everyone who will walk through the doors of each school in our nation.

Honey In The Rock // Brooke Ligertwood feat. Brandon Lake // New Song Cafe