Breathe Guys - Help Is On The Way!

I can take the STRESS out of the holidays for you!

Don't be like every other guy this holiday!

I know most of you don't like to shop in general, let alone during the hustle and bustle of the holidays! Not to worry, I've got your solutions!
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You Go To A Jewelry Website & Your Head Starts To Spin????

Shopping for us ladies can be overwhelming for most guys.

Let's face it, it's just NOT your thing! You get football, but go to a jewelry website and you begin to sweat!

NO worries!

Connect with me, let me know a little bit about her style, and your budget and I'll take care of you!

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Beth Jolley - Your Beauty Cop

Retired Police Officer, Owner of Your Beauty Cop, Chloe + Isabel Jewelry Stylist and fashion lover. Your Beauty Cop is on a mission to protect your inner & outer beauty and helping women truly realize they already have what it takes to SHINE and have their story heard. I'm always on patrol for the latest styles so make sure we connect and visit my on line boutique at: