Dominican Republic

Vacation to the Dominican Republic

History and Government

the 2010 Earthquake and tsmnamni was just asking the people of haiti and port-a-prince,Haiti for medical aid and food assintances because it left them with out shelter;food;water;and the warmth they would need.

Inportant Information About the Dominican Republic

Land And Climate

the dominican republic's climate is very hot during the summer months because of where they are in the gravitational field they very hot and dry summer's,their winters are very very harsh because they sometimes can cause problem's because where they are in the world.

dominican republic

My dominican republic report/project

Travel,Meals,Activities and Shopping

Day 1: Swim with dolphin excelence expierence = $154.00,arrive

Day 2: Swim with dolphin explorer expierence = $128.00,

Day 3: Dolphin Island expierence =$125.00,

Day 4:Manati Park with dolphin swim=$99.00,

Day 5:Amazing Horse Drive=$99.00,

Day 6:Horseback riding Sunset cattle drive=$99.00

Day 7: Dolphin's Island=$145.00