A Fresh New Look for the Library

Amber Gladle Shared Library Media Specialist (K-12 Library)

Idea 1: Add New Seating

  • Create a reading area for the HS students by adding beanbag chairs.
  • Low Cost
  • Try them for the year and see how they hold up
  • Purchased by Box Top funds.

Idea 2: Rearrange the Shelving

  • Weed the shelves
  • Shift the books to make them fit better and allow for new books to be added
  • No Cost

Idea 3: Book Return Station

  • I work at two schools so creating a book return station at each school would allow students to return the books when I'm at my other school.
  • The station could be placed directly outside of the library or in the lobby.
  • Request donations/Shop class could build one/Box Tops/Possible library funding

Idea 4: Updated Technology

  • Add new technology to the library
  • Purchase tablets for the use during lessons
  • New technology grant that is available

Idea 5: Magazine Organization

  • Ask the shop class to create magazine racks to hang on the wall (similar to rack in image)
  • Low cost
  • Student made

Idea 6: Label Shelving

  • Add labels to shelves to make it easier to find books for students
  • Replace the simple paper labels with something stronger
  • Low Cost
  • Use of Library Funds

Idea 7: Swapping out Smartboard and White Board

  • Request to have the Smartboard and White board switched around
  • Move the Smartboard to the instructional area and the white board to the non instructional area
  • No Cost
  • Help of the custodians to swap out the boards

Idea 8: New Display Options

  • Create a new way to display new materials
  • Purchase display easels to show new items
  • Low cost
  • Library budget money

Idea 9: New Carpet

  • Add a new circle time carpet for elementary
  • Request from PTSA or Box Tops

Idea 10: Update Shelf Markers

  • Update the old shelf markers with new ones
  • Low Cost
  • Library budget