ZWest Pedometer/Activity Challenge

Move, Play, Dance, Repeat

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Let's Get Started!

We have 27 people participating in the Pedometer/Activity Challenge. The goal of this challenge is to move more, have fun, and maybe make some new connections with other staff members we don't know very well. We have 5 teams of 5-6 people. Check out your team. As a group, you will need to chose a team captain and a team color. The team captain will just communicate information to Kate during the challenge. In this case, the team captain will email me your team's color. First some first serve!
Team A
Rachel Patton-Science
Stacey Huffman-7/8 Math
Liz Leatherberry-Music
Janet Ostendorf-5th Humanities
Kate Kneifel-Office Staff
Team B
Shannon Eaton-6th
Kyle Beimfor-Tech
Jan Swander-Food Service
Trish Shera-5th Humanities
Sarah Livengood-Resource
Team C
Stephanie Pristera-Art
Diane Aurand-6th
Connie Schlegel-Office
Trisha Smart-PE/Health
Katie Elliott 7/8 Math
Team D
Julie Breuninger-Office
Tammy Nowakowski-PE/Health
Sarah Wuellner-6th
Megan McNeely-5th
Amy White-Food Service
Matt Doublestein-Office
Team E
Lisa Bond-Food Service
Missy Stringham-7/8 Math
Jill Woerner-Office
Tony Abrams-Tech
Lisa Kern-Office

Revised Tracking Sheet

Kyle graciously updated our tracking sheet. This sheet is online. This means it will update in real time and you DO NOT need to email me each week. Kyle also put together an instructional video explaining how to use the sheet. If you have any questions please contact Kyle or Kate. Thank you Kyle!

ZWMS Pedometer Challenge Tracking Sheet

Challenge of the Week

Many of you already know that it is recommended to get 10,000 steps a day. Therefore, this week's challenge is average 10,000 steps a day. This gives you a some wiggle room for those tough days when it can be hard to get all of those steps under your belt. Remember, challenges are just a little extra push if you want to try it. Don't stress out if this seems like too much at this time. For others, this may not seem like a challenge at all. Don't worry, there are more challenges to come! :) Also, please remember, this is what you want to make out of it. Feel free to set your own goals and determine the benchmarks that work best for you.

Worth Checking Out...

Getting our brains aligned with our bodies

Understanding our brain and how it processes information can be the most powerful step in any change process. After all, most of us know what we should do to move more or eat better. Yet despite our best intentions many of us fall short of where we'd like to be. We can use the information about our brain to help us be more successful.
The two links this week examine the psychology behind our habits and our willpower. The first link is a Google Talk by Kelly McGonagal. She authored the book, The Willpower Instinct. The second link contains a radio interview with author, Charles Duhigg. He wrote The Power of Habit.
Kelly McGonigal, "The Willpower Instinct" | Talks at Google