Nike Abuses Workers

Nike abuse to workers has finally caught up with them

Kicked, Slapped and Abused

Nike over the years has been bombarded with problems over the years. It is no secret that Nike does not have the best work conditions. They do not have fair ways. Mira Augustina says that she was fired because she was sick. She had produced a doctors note and and they still fired her. In more than two factories workers quit because there was serious mental an physical abuse. This has happened ever since Nike bought out converse. Just imagine get beat up every day and being called bad words by your teachers, bosses, spouses and/or parents.

Continuous Abuse

There have been reports since the 1990's that Nike has abuse workers. Nike has said before that they fix the problem but more have complained. They have stated the managers have thrown shoes at them at more than one occasion. They also get slapped in the face continuously and they are called pigs or dogs. One woman went as far as saying "we're powerless." Most of the workers get payed 50 cents an hour. If they work a six to 8 hour work day like most Americans do they would only make $3.00 to $4.00. However they don't they work very long days that are full of abuse. there life in Indonesia is a lot different than ours in the states.

Give Me All Your lunch Money

This is a common saying of many classic school yard bullies we hear an T.V. However, Nike is doing the same thing with its employees. They have hired high ranked military officials to take pay from Nike's employees. With them doing this instead of getting payed four dollars a day they are getting payed $3.70 a day. This may not seem a lot to you but in Indonesia 30 cents can mean them getting to eat with there children or to starve so there children can survivor. Even without there money getting stolen Nike has not payed over 600,000 workers for over time.

Help Stop Human Trafficking and Abuse

How You Can Help

Most of you wonder how you can help? First do your research on the products you are buying. I studied Indonesia but I know some Nike stores don't have abuse or human trafficking. Here are some links for you to look out countries and how much "slavery" they have . (this one is personally my favorite)

About the Author

Ryan is a 7th grader that lives in Connecticut with his Mother, Father and Brother. He does were Nike but hopes that this new letter will affect them some how. Together we can make a change in human trafficking and abuse