Tobacco is UNsafe!!!!!!

BY: MEKAI KING AND Johnakin Franklin

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tobacco is unhealthy.....these are the things it can do to you:

the 4 social consequences of smoking

Another social consequence of smoking is that if some people know what second-hand smoke is, and they see you smoking, then they will not want to be around you.

the 4 social consequences of smoking

The last social consequence is that it would make you want to regret any social media accounts.

Dangers of smoking tobacco

The dangers of smoking tobacco is that it can affect people in different ways such as second-hand smoke. Another way it is dangerous is that people that already have trouble breathing will have a even harder time breathing because you are smoking around them.

2 ways that tobacco can hurt you both mentally, and emotionally

! way that it can hurt you is that it has a drug in it called nicotine that can speed up the heart. Another way is that when it hurts you socially, you will get very emotional and cry a lot