Overview of the Kashmir conflict.

India and Pakistan are fighting over Kashmir because they both want the land and resources. The conflict between the countries have gone from war to ceasefire and was since 1947 to 2003 where they both mutually agree on a cease fire.


  • August 15, 1947- India and Pakistan gain independence from Britain.
  • October 26, 1947- Kashmir signs a pact to join India. India accepts and sends troops into Kashmir.
  • 1948- Pakistan and India go to war and later form a cease fir call the Line Of Control.
  • 1965- Pakistan and India again go to war, then form the Line Of Control again.
  • 1972- Pakistan and India agree to work bilaterally rather then through international forums.
  • 1999- Indian Army patrols detect intruders and fight Pakistan again, then disengaging forces on both sides.
  • May 2001- India end cease fire to talk peace with Pakistan.
  • May 2003- India says it will restore all diplomatic ties to Pakistan.
  • October 2003- Armed forces attack Indian Kashmir killing several guards.
  • November 2003- India agrees to ceasefire in disputed region of Kashmir.


The dispute in Kashmir was a border and resources conflict because they wanted land and resources. There are borders between countries and since Kashmir is a territory Pakistan and India are trying to take the land so they can use the land.

Shape of the Countries

India is a very large country that is elongated because of the shape of the land. It is very wide up at the northern end, and to the south it this down a lot along its coast till it comes to a point. Pakistan is also elongated North to South, but the distance it is not as much as India. Kashmir is fairly centered there it is mostly circular with small bulges that come out around it. Kashmir is also land locked and has no oceans around it for shipping. The shape of Kashmir helps the conflict because it is right between India and Pakistan and makes it prime area for them to fight over. Pakistan and India because of the sea and size of the countries around them have very few countries the have to keep relationships with.
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Land for people, resources to support the country, and Kashmir being a small territory were all centripital forces that drew Pakistan and India to fight over this area. Things that pushed the countries away though were Kashmir wanted its own space and did not want India and Pakistan there, neighbor country could beat the other one for clear ownership making it a long exhausting battle. Also when they formed a cease fire and decided they would not fight for awhile.

Types of States

Pakistan and India are both two different states because they act seperatly and other countries view there borders. Kashmir is a territory because its borders are not recognized and followed by other countries. All three of the states share the Islamic nation.

Outside Influnces

Islamic groups from different countries are fighting the UN. The UN wants to make the two countries have peace and stop killing because they are fighting over an innocent territory who can not well defend themselves against Pakistan and India.

Hunter's Opinion

I think the problem with bring the conflict to an end is that both countries are always gonna want land so if they end the fight in Kashmir they will just fight over different land. In the end neighbor country will defeat each other so they will have a division of Kashmir in half, but they will fight later on to take all of Kashmir.

Pablo's Opinion

The main problem is that each side isn't willing to back down or make negotiations. They both will always want the land and they are to stubborn to change their minds. I think in the end either one of them is going to have to back down or they will split Kashmir causing even more problems because of the separation.