Bring Texas to the US!

Why Texas isn't that bad of a colony

Annex Texas!

We all know that texas is a slave state but there are some other things about Texas you should know about. For one thing Texas has A LOT of land and its cheap. They also live near the coast so thats good for trading from other countries.

More reasons to annex Texas...

Texas has a strong army and has defeated Mexico to save their land, their rights to own a weapon, also for their freedom of not being apart of Mexico. In result, they could help us with wars. Texas also has good, loyal people so their wouldn't be bad people now joining the US.

Famous People who helped Texas

Good Farming, Ranching, and cattle in Texas

Geography in Texas

Texas has a lot of sunlight which means good farming and crops can grow. In the coastal plains they have the most precipitation than anywhere in Texas. Texas is also good for having horses, cows, pigs and lots of other animals. That means that they have a large amount of food to cook and share.