Jared Price Dimitt

Don't hate the player, hate the game

All about Jared

Jared is my Uncle. He has blue eyes and brown hair. His birthday is October 18, 1973 so yes, he just had a birthday and that makes him 43 years old and loves black cherry ice cream. He got his first dirt bike when he was 8, and that started his love for motorcycles. He broke his collarbone when an ATV flipped over and landed on him. In his life time he has had 28 dogs and 48 cars. He is a car mechanic and placed 4th in the western region technical competition. He has one daughter who died of valley fever when she was 16 and one son who is 21 years old. He is a nice uncle and always helps my mom.

A life lesson. Is to listen to your parents

Listen to your parents

When he was 16 years old he got a lot of speeding tickets. His friends would pay for his tickets. One day his dad found out about all the tickets and said, "If you get another speeding ticket, I will take your car keys." His dad was out side and Jared got pulled over for speeding. After the cop left, he handed his keys over to his dad. He really liked having a car, so he decided to start obeying the speed limit once he was able to drive again.

by Jill Halas - ELA Block 1 and 2