WL Weekday Newsletter

Buckhead Church - Twos

Hello Everyone,

Hope y'all are enjoying this beautiful sunny Friday. Our little ones know: "Ms. Gabby does NOT like gray days". Lol.

We had a blast last week celebrating the end of our school year. Thank you for the parents who could join us for the "Water Adventure" outside. Thank you all so much for the beautiful appreciation gifts and kind words of what y'all think of us. So kind.

We hope you enjoyed the yearbooks. We had a great time selecting the best memories for you to keep. We still have a few kids that haven't received one but it will be ready next time they come to school.

Last Day of School

Transition Week

This week we introduced "Handwriting Without tears" to our kids and they simply loved.

Eli and Journey said: "Mommy and daddy will love to see this!"

We will be working on strengthening those little muscles for fine motor coordination; checking hand preference and guiding them for proper holding posture (crayons, markers and age appropriate scissors ;)

Update on Potty Training:

Every child who turns two in our class becomes part of the "Potty Training" Club.

We believe our class is the perfect and appropriate environment to introduce the potty experience for our kids (versus waiting until they move to the 3's class).

We make it fun and are very flexible to fast forward or slow down according to each child's readiness.

For some of you who haven't had chance to start the training at home, PLEASE DON'T WORRY OR BEAT YOURSELF UP. Each family has a different dynamic and is living different contexts. We do not want to add an stress on you. But we still want to help our kids by preparing them for a more advanced school year ;).

Since none of our "still in diapers" kids has shown resistance to the training, we will continue changing them in the bathroom and seating them in the potty at least 2X a day.

We have two different reward systems: for the older ones, stickers and/or gummies if they remain dry; for the newly trainers, stickers and/or gummies if they actually go pee or poo in the potty ;).

We control the gummies intake. No worries. LOL. They actually go more for the stickers!

Next Week

Ms. Ginger Pigg, our Curriculum Coordinator put together a fantastic Summer Program.

Each week we will have a different theme:

  • Week One: My Big Backyard
  • Week Two: Under Construction
  • Week Three: Under the Sea
  • Week Four: Space
  • Week Five: 4th of July - ice cream, watermelon, picnic
  • Week Six: Fairy Tales
  • Week Seven: It's a Pirate's Life for Me
  • Week Eight: A Camping We Will Go
  • Week Nine: Superhero

Next week will be "My Big Backyard". We have super fun activities involving bugs, dragonflies, bees, all sorts of critters and learn that "God is my Good Friend" all month long.

On Tuesday morning from 9:30-9:45, we will have ASSEMBLY. All children and teachers in Weekday will gather in the Big Worship Area for a 15 minute Fun Presentation related to the theme of the week. If possible, please make plans for your child not miss that!

It will be a great day for you to dress your child with that "old Halloween" bug costume!

Wrapping up...

Y'all, that's it for now.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for anything you need!

Much Love,

Ms. Gabby and The Most Wonderful Team,

Ms. Alicia, Ms. Ashley and Ms. Lisa