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February 6, 2020

Important Dates Ahead

2/7 - MHS Summer School Registration Begins (Attention 8th Graders)

2/7 - Teen Center (Grades 5-7) 7:00 - 9:00pm at Bay Lane Middle School

2/13 - 8th Grade Celebration Planning Meeting 7:00pm - ML Library

2/14 - MHS Summer School Registration Closes (Attention 8th Graders)

2/27 - Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences 4:00pm - 8:00pm

2/28 - Professional Development Day - No students in attendance

3/23 - 3/27 - Spring Break - - No students in attendance

Spring Parent Teacher Conferences - Sign Up

Dear Muskego Lakes Families,

Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences at MLMS are on Thursday, February 27th from 4-8pm. We communicated with both Bay Lane Elementary and MHS to ensure there were not foreseeable conflicts on this date.

We ask that you please bring your student to conferences, because our students play an important role in their success.

At fall conferences, the goal is to meet as many families as possible in order to build strong partnerships on behalf of students. However, the purpose of spring conferences is to connect with families whose students would benefit from an additional conference. These are students who we want to make sure are on track to have a successful semester ahead.

Based on parent feedback, we are continuing with schoolwide scheduled conferences through Sign Up Genius, where you can reserve a time slot with any teachers you wish to meet with.

Please plan to arrive early so you are on time for your conferences. As you can imagine, if one family arrives late, it can throw the entire schedule off for multiple teachers. So, in order to honor the time of all families, if you do arrive late, our teachers will still need to end your conference at the scheduled time. In addition, please note if you are scheduling conferences for multiple students, consider leaving a 10 minute block in between to allow yourself time to move to a different part of the building.

If the allotted time for conferences won’t meet your needs or if you are unable to attend on the 27th, please reach out to your child’s teacher to request a meeting at an alternative time.

In order to best meet your needs at the conference and to maximize your time with each teacher, please take the time to indicate what your desired outcome of the conference would be. There will be a place on the conference sign-up that states, “What would you like to discuss during the conference?” This information will be confidential and only seen by teachers.

We HIGHLY recommend using a computer (rather than a tablet or smartphone) to sign up for a conference as the format is much more user-friendly.). If you do not have access to a device, feel free to stop in at MLMS and we can help you get signed up. If you need to delete your sign-up, follow the instructions located at the top of the sign-up page.

  • Please click this LINK for a helpful diagram of how to use Sign Up Genius. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Muskego Lakes principals.

    All of the sign-up links are located below.

    In addition, our Student Services staff are available on the 27th. Feel free to stop in so see them at any time.

  • With Gratitude,

    Ms. Rydzewski & Mr. Krupar

    Muskego Lakes Principals

    Interventionist Sign-Ups

    Important information to know:

    • Interventionists will be available from 4-6pm.

    Interventionist Sign-Up Link

    5th Grade Conference Sign-Ups

    Important information to know:

    • Sign up according to your child's team of teachers.
    • Conferences will be 10 minutes in length.
    • Conferences will be with both core teachers.
    • If you are unable to find a time or would prefer a phone conference or email update, please reach out to your child’s homeroom teacher.

    Team SOAR (Reedy/Warr) Sign-Up Link

    Team STAR (Mazola/Scanlan) Sign-Up Link

    Team Believe (Cowsert/Demolas) Sign-Up Link

    6th Grade Conference Sign-Ups

    Important information to know:

    Conferencing as a team

    • Team Ohana: Bloczynski / Vandeville / Lowe (Guest Teacher for Witkowiak)
    • Team ROCK: Kloc/Roman

    Conferencing individually

    • Team Wonder: Staniszewski/Schaller/Harrison

    Team Wonder (Staniszewski/Schaller/Harrison) Sign-Up Link

    Team Ohana (Bloczynski /Vandeville/Lowe) Sign-Up Link

    Team ROCK (Kloc/Roman) Sign-Up Link

    7th Grade Conference Sign-Ups

    Important information to know:
    • Conferencing individually. Please sign up with individual teachers you'd like to meet with.
    • Teachers included in this sign up are: Klumb, Pasch, Tome, Tschudy, Ruditys, Xiong (Wied), and Bernhardt

    7th Grade Sign-Up Link

    8th Grade Conference Sign-Ups

    Important information to know:
    • Letters were sent to families if teachers are requesting specific conferences.
    • Anyone is welcome to sign up if they’d like a conference.

    8th Grade Sign-Up Link

    Project i Conference Sign-Ups

    Important information to know:

    • Please sign up if you’d like a conference. You will be meeting with both teachers at once.

    Project i Sign-Up Link

    Encore Conference Sign-Ups

    Important information to know:
    • Please sign up with individual Encore teachers you would like to meet with during Spring conferences.

    Encore Sign-Up Link

    Learning Strategists/Special Education Conference Sign-Ups

    Important information to know:
    • 5th Grade- Judy White (conferencing with Mazola/Scanlan team)
    • 6th Grade- Nicole Lowe (conferencing with the Vandeville/Bloczynski team)
    • 7th Grade- Megan Bernhardt (sign up located on Grade 7 Sign Up)
    • 8th Grade- Rachel Wagner (sign up located on Grade 8 Sign Up)
    • Intellectual Disability/Developmental Delay Learning Strategist - Jenny Waltz (sign up below)
    • Speech and Language - Beth Brown (sign up below)

    Jenny Waltz Sign-Up Link

    Beth Brown Sign-Up Link

    Parent-Teacher Conferences: Babysitting Available for Your Children & the Children of ML Families

    We are so excited that Lisa Reedy and Sarah Tschudy have coordinated with students in National Junior Honor Society to provide child care for families the night of Parent Teacher Conferences.

    Quarter 2 Report Cards

    Quarter 2 Report Cards are now available for your viewing on Infinite Campus. Paper copies of report cards have also been mailed. They will be arriving at homes soon.

    Stuff the Staff

    The Muskego Lakes PTO is organizing dinner for the teachers on our upcoming Parent-Teacher Conference Night, February 27th. In the fall, our teachers were blown away by the support and so appreciative of the meal. If you would like to support this effort, please use this LINK to sign up to make or bring in an item. Thank you!

    MHS Summer School

    Attention 8th Grade Families,

    Registration for summer school opens Friday, February 7th and closes Friday, February 14th. Please review this LINK for more information.

    8th Grade Celebration Committee Meeting

    Attention 8th Grade Families! The initial 8th grade parent meeting will be February 13th at 7pm in MLMS library. Please consider attending to help start the planning of this event. If you have any questions the new contact for this committee is:

    Box Tops for Education - Now Digital!

    Box Tops are going digital! Download the Box Tops App and save time by scanning your receipt. The PTO is still collecting box tops paper as well. If you have a collection feel free to send send them in.

    PTO Updates

    Next PTO Meeting - Featuring Officer Lange

    • Many students have their own cell phones and other electronic devices. While they do provide convenience in our busy lives, they could pose serious problems with our kids social and emotional wellbeing. How do we as parents stay "ahead of our kids" in this digital world? How do we stay informed about the countless apps kids use to be sure they're safe? Join School Resource Officer Dylan Lange on Tuesday, Feb 18 at 6:30 in the Muskego Lakes Library to discuss this important topic. If you have specific questions that you would like addressed please email Officer Lange at
    • Join us at the next PTO meeting on Tuesday, Feb 18 at 6:30pm in the library.

    PTO Open Positions - Visit this LINK for more details

    Volunteers Needed

    • Do you have some spare time to help make copies, laminate, etc? The staff greatly appreciates the help of volunteers like you! Sign up HERE for dates/times that work into your busy schedule.
    • Do you have some spare time to volunteer at the Muskego Lakes PBIS store? The store is open every other Friday during lunch. Students visit the store to redeem red tickets they earned for positive behavior around school. Sign up HERE for dates/times that would fit into your schedule!

    Midweek Munchies
    • We have a fabulous staff here at Muskego Lakes and PTO has a tradition of providing weekly Midweek Munchies to say thank you for being so amazing and leading our kids to be the best versions of themselves. Click here to sign up to bring in treats for staff.

    Open Gym at Muskego Lakes

    Muskego Lakes Gym holds an open gym every Saturday from 8:00am - 11:00am. It is a great opportunity for those looking to stay active during the winter months or for those looking for a place to practice their skills.

    Reporting a Concern

    Muskego Lakes Middle School will provide a safe, secure and respectful learning environment for all students at school, on buses, and at school-sponsored events. Linked below is a form that can be used by any student or parent/guardian of a student to report any alleged rude behavior, mean behavior, bullying behavior, harassment, or intimidation that occurs on school property, at a school-sponsored activity, or on a school bus. The information submitted will be reviewed by the principals, Ms. Rydzewski & Mr. Krupar. If you know of any families frustrated with any situation regarding their child, please refer them to this form. The sooner we know of a concern that sooner we can intervene. Thank you!

    Report a Concern

    Important Dates Ahead

    Important dates for the coming weeks and months are all located on the Muskego Lakes website.

    The calendar and events are found on the main page. Look under "Upcoming Events".

    Muskego Lakes Middle School

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