Ryan Reynolds for President

He'll Serve America Vigilante Style

Why He Fits the Suit of President (Or Deadpool/Green Lantern)

  • 1.) Chief of State - Ryan is a figure of authority, and a figure who can take charge and be a figure head of the country
  • 2.) Chief Executive - Ryan Reynolds is a good enforcer of law, Earth, and Galactic
  • 3.) Chief Administrator - Mr. Reynolds is a great secret holder since he's been holding the secret of Green Lantern, and Deadpool
  • 4.) Chief Diplomat - Mr. Reynolds will work with foreign countries to protect their rights as much as he protects our rights in America
  • 5.) Commander-In-Chief - Mr Reynolds has a lot of combat expertise as well as Military experience as a Pilot in the Air Force
  • 6.) Chief Legislator - Ryan Reynolds will be a good Legislator since he constantly fights for and defends everyone's right
  • 7.) Party Chief - Ryan Reynolds doesn't affiliate with a party, he's more of a Moderate and fights for beliefs from both parties and wants to make everyone feel safe and protected
  • 8.) Chief Citizen - Everyone knows Mr Reynolds as Detective Nick Walker in R.I.P.D., Deadpool, or in Green Lantern, and as those roles he's seen defending citizens and protecting his country