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Arcado's School Newsletter- October 2021

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Congratulations to Mrs. Jamie Garcia Caycho

Arcado Elementary School is pleased to announce that Mrs. Jamie Garcia Caycho is this year's Teacher of the Year! Mrs. Garcia currently teaches 1st grade and is one of our ESOL Specialists. She has been in education for 7 years, all at Arcado. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education from Georgia Gwinnett College, a Master's degree in Elementary Reading and Literacy from Walden University, and a Specialist's degree in Teacher Leadership from Mercer University.

Mrs. Garcia "shines" because she builds strong relationships with her students and their families. She celebrates their diverse cultures and languages and empowers them to shine bright as their full, authentic selves.

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Message from Principal Young

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Twelve years ago, my life changed for the better. I was named to be the principal at Arcado Elementary School. Every day over the last 12 years, I go home from work feeling blessed to be able to lead a school as special as Arcado. My life as a principal has been abundantly full of blessings. Your children are truly the most amazing students! They make me proud everyday!

The time has come in my life to retire as a school principal. I announced to my staff yesterday that I will retire effective January 1, 2022. I will work with school district leaders during this transition. I do know that there will be a time for you to provide feedback on what type of principal you desire to continue leading this amazing school. More information will be coming this month.


Ms. Young

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"PAWS"itive Pandas!

We are so proud of our Arcado Pandas! They work hard each day to demonstrate how to be proactive, cooperative, and safe while at school. Staff members are continually watching for students who are demonstrating these 3 school expectations. When seen, students receive a "PAWS"itive PAW from staff members. Each Friday will draw 5 PAWS out of a box LIVE on the morning announcements. The 5 students are rewarded with an ice cream coupon!

Congratulations to these students who received PAWS & names were drawn in September.

Dennis - Mrs. Chase - Kindergarten

Lauren - Ms. Boland - 1st grade

Austin - Ms. Deal - 1st grade

Ben - Mrs. McGhee - 5th grade

Flora - Mrs. Tammen - 5th grade

Keep up the good work PANDAS! WE SEE YOU!

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Mark you calendar!

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Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is Monday, October 25 - Friday, October 29. We will celebrate with a Spirit Week and make a commitment to healthy life choices.


Monday- “Drug Free Looks Like Me!” Wear RED

Tuesday- “My Future is Bright!” Wear sunglasses

Wednesday- “Arcado Pandas are Proud to be Drug Free!” Wear Arcado Spiritwear

Thursday- “I Am Proud of My Culture!” Wear your cultural attire/dress.

Friday- “Books Build Strong Character!” Book Character Dress Up Day

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Help Kids Fight Cyberbullying and Other Mean Online Behavior

Most kids will encounter mean behavior at some point in their digital lives. For some kids, this experience is a blip that's easily forgotten, while for others it can have deep, long-lasting effects. For parents, the key is staying involved in kids' lives -- both online and off -- so they can step in and offer help if necessary. With guidance from parents and educators, kids can learn how to dodge the drama and stand up for others.

Check out these 6 tips

Define your terms.

Make sure kids understand what cyberbullying is: repeated and unwanted mean or hurtful words or behavior that occur online (through texts, social media posts, online chat, etc.).

Check in about online life.

Just like you'd ask your kid about their sleep, exercise, and eating, stay on top of their online life. Who are they chatting with? How do people treat each other in the games and on the sites they're using?


If kids feel like they might have trouble removing themselves from digital drama, experiment with some different ways they can make a graceful exit. Talk through words they can use, ways they can steer conversations in positive directions, etc.

Encourage upstanding.

Let kids know that supporting a friend or acquaintance who is being bullied can make a big difference. If they feel safe confronting the bully, they should. If not, a private message to the victim can be enough to help someone through a tough time. Speaking up against hate speech is important, too.

Take breaks.

If you notice your kid getting pulled into digital drama, help them take a break. It's great if they can determine for themselves when they need to step back, but they might need some help setting limits. Putting devices to bed at a specific time, plus breaks for mealtimes and face-to-face connection, can help kids recharge.

Review worst-case steps.

Walk through what to do if your kid is being bullied online. First, step away. Ignoring a bully can be very effective. If the bullying continues, take screenshots or print out evidence. Then block the person. If it gets worse, report the behavior to a trusted adult. Talk about who those people are and make sure your kid has their contact information.

Link to Cyberbullying article

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