Gateway Garden Club Newsletter

February Edition


Greetings Gateway/KIPP families, staff, and community members,

Gateway’s Garden Club is excited to announce it’s latest project: the construction of a new garden and outdoor classroom located in the southeastern corner of campus. A team of urban garden designers, including Gateway’s own Mr. Berthiaume, envisioned this new garden, and drafted it into reality. To learn more, continuing reading the first of multiple newsletters highlighting the construction of this exciting new green space.

What We've Been Doing

Groundbreaking: Spring Break 2014

Construction of our new garden will begin very soon! In order to minimize interference with daily school activities, we will be breaking ground over Spring Break. Five thousand square feet of asphalt will be removed and replaced with a green space that Garden Club will develop over the next year. Garden club will also begin work on an a water pipe flowing from the school to the garden so that the new garden can be irrigated.

Get Involved

Students: Join Garden Club! We meet Mondays and Thursdays after school, until 5-5:30. No commitment is necessary. Join us when you can, but just be prepared to learn something new, work hard, and maybe get a bit of dirt under your fingernails.

Adults: Volunteer your expertise! Visits during club hours are welcome. Got an idea for the new garden or a special skill or tool you can lend us? Let us know!

Everyone: Bring us your compost! Fruits, veggies, and plants scraps can be dropped off in Mr. Berthiaume’s room (Lab 01). Your donation of green waste contributes to our vermiculture compost (worm garden), and hot compost pile, which will eventually be used to amend our new garden’s soil.


Contact us, or search us up at the following sources for more information about what Garden Club is doing!