Computers and Tablets For 4th Grade

New Way of Learning

Students now a days are not getting the right education they truly deserve. Many teachers are teaching the lesson and the students do not get the best learning opportunity. However, technology is increasing faster than ever before and we need to use it. There have been many research done about how technology allows students to interact in classrooms and learn a lot more. Why is this? Studies have shown that more students are more focused and interactive when they are in charge.


  1. iPad
  2. MacBook
  3. iPods
  4. Kindle
  5. Windows Tablet

Different Atmosphere

Another study that I researched was about how atmosphere changes learning. Another experiment that I wanted to try was to allow students to study and learn when they are in comfortable areas such as the lounge. There are many couches in the library for students to go on so they can read their books comfortably. Well, if that is how they get focused, why can't we do that for students in the classrooms. If we allowed students to use comfortable chairs and desks to sit on, it will allow them to exceed in their learning.
Classroom of the Future: The New Way to Teach Kids