6th Grade Technology

By: Gracie Dennison

Career Locker

Career Locker is a site that helps you learn about careers. It also helps you learn about the one you want. Career Locker is a good site that has a lot of information, you even find out about jobs that you would match up to good. In 6th grade, career locker changes a lot from 5th grade. You find out many cool new things about many different careers, also a lot about the what you want to be when you get older. You also get to look at colleges and see the price of then and what majors you need.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck was actually one of my favorites. For Haiku Deck it sort of pulls in with Career Locker. After career locker and you kind of know what you want to be, you have to go to Haiku Deck. Haiku Deck is like slides but it has more things to do like options. For Haiku Deck you have to have at least 10 slides counting your title page and your conclusion page. This one you do have to present in front of class, it's not a choice. It is really fun learning about what others want to be and its interesting for others to learn what you want to be. Overall it's a good learning experiance and its really fun too!


Coding is a very cool site that really helps your brain figure out challenges. You have to use steps like "move forward by 100 pixels, or fill hole 3." You have to help get to somethings or go to a certain destination. Its really fun too. Sometimes it might be a little frustrating when you can't get something but then once you find out how to do it its like "oh". They use things that you might be familiar with like plants versus zombies, flappy bird, drawing one, and way more. Overall its a good challenge and it really helps you to get threw challenges and to know different things.

Learn to Type/Typing Web

When you first get to your computer in technology class you pull up typing. You'll find in the symbaloo. Typing helps you so you can type the correct way and be able to type faster. The first thing we do is type for 5 minutes at the beginning of class. For 6th grade you have to at least get to the end of the Intermediate course. Once you finish the Intermediate course you move onto the Advanced course and so on.


For iTrailer you got to choose what ever you want. You could do what you did over the weekend, maybe some pictures of you and your friend, or a vacation would also be cool. Whatever you do you make a video of it. You make the video on iMovie an app on your Then if you want you can show the whole class or just have the teacher see it. Also you get enough time to work on it.

Explain Everything

What you have to do for Explain Everything is pretty simple. The teacher will have some sample math questions on the board. Some are easier than others. Choose one that you can figure out the answer to. Then you use the app on your iPad called Explain Everything. On each slide you have step by step of what to do. We get plenty of time to work on it. The first page has to state your question then the next pages are all up to you. Imagine that your trying to teach a kid how to do it. When your done with all your pages you use the microphone to record each page and what it has on there.