The Yin Yang

Stylish, Affordable, and Portable

What is The Yin Yang?

The Yin Yang is a unique shelf and that looks like, you guessed it... a yin-yang. This shelf was created by up-cycling cardboard. We created it in a way that allows you to add a stylish piece of furniture to your room, living room etc, without taking up much room. This piece would be hung on your wall, it can store several books, bags, school equipment, and many others.
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All proceeds will be going to Sick Kids. We will be donating the money we receive from the winning bid and donate it to Sick Kids. Don't be afraid to bid its all for a good cause!

Action Will Be Held From January 24th at 9:30, And Ends on the 26th at 8:30 Right after The Announcements. So Make Sure To Bid Quick!

Created By:

Hasan & Zainab