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Meet Lamar Richardson

Lamar is 17, and he is high school basketball player. He plays basketball at Ashlynn Heights High School, in Brooklyn, New York, where he leads the state in points/ rebounds per game. Lamar generally averages about 20 hours a week on the court. Lamar understands that he needs a durable, yet stylish pair of shoes to be able to keep up with his rigorous training schedule, while staying up to day with the current trends of fashion and style. His main priorities are to stay ahead of his competition, and earn a way to college through basketball, and he wants a shoe that can carry him through his training and workouts and that will look great both on and off the court.
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The "Low Down"

There is definitely no scarcity of athletes any where you go, and many of them take pride in all the hours of work they put in, but basketball players put a much larger emphasis on the functionality and style of their shoes. They are always looking for a better shoe, so we gave them the best shoe they could buy, up to date.The inspiration for this design comes from many existing designs of basketball shoes, we have put our own twist on any design in mind, and our design can be sold in basically every shoe store currently carrying Adidas apparel and footwear at a price around $120 for the shoes. Our prices are competitive with current providers of athletic sports wear, but the customer is getting a better quality of product with our design in comparison to our competitors.
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