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Edition 6- Friday, 8th March, 2019

A Note from the Principal

Students in each grade participate in activities and learning experiences directly related to the Friendly Schools and Families program that we are currently implementing. Part of the program is a series of newsletter articles. Below is the third one in the series. The aim for this particular article is to inform parents of the definition of a bullying incident and strategies for helping their children if they are being bullied at school.

What is bullying?

Bullying is when these things happen again and again to someone:

  • Being ignored, left out on purpose, or not allowed to join in;
  • Being made afraid of getting hurt;
  • Being hit, kicked or pushed around;
  • Being made fun of and teased in a mean and hurtful way; or
  • Having lies or nasty stories told about them to make other kids not like them.

It is hard for the child being bullied to stop these things from happening again and again.

What can I do if I think my children are being bullied at school?

  • Try to talk with your children about what is going on;
  • Listen to their concerns and believe them;
  • Be aware of your own response and react in a calm and helpful manner;
  • Talk with your children’s teachers and calmly discuss the situation and some possible strategies; and
  • Encourage your children to ask for help if they are being bullied, e.g. talk about who they could talk to at school, and how to ask for help.

Friendly School Family Picnic

On the 15 March HPS will be holding our first Friendly School Family Picnic coinciding with Anti Bullying week. The picnic will begin at 4.00pm and conclude at 6.00pm. More details will follow in the next few weeks.

School Council

Congratulations to the following parents who have joined Healesville Primary School Council for 2019.

  • Jess Ilsley
  • Renee Litchfield
  • Justine Roberts

These parents join our ongoing School Council parent representative Shelli Johanson, Minnel Longhurst, Clare Hunt, Natalie Wells, Sally Frith, Kylie Short and Rebecca Collins.

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On a personal note I would like to thank all the fantastic people who donated and supported me in my quest to build awareness and start conversations happening around Autism. I participated in the Oscars 100 Hut to Hut race over and around Mt Buller recently. This race was the most gruelling event I have ever participated in. My body unfortunately gave up after 42km and due to severe cramping and dehydration I was force to retire. Training has started for next year and hopefully I will complete the course.

Monday 11 March

Public Holiday - Labour Day

Wednesday 13 March

Year 6 - GRIP Excursion

Thursday 14 March

House Athletics - Prep to 2 HPS Oval 2pm - 3.00pm

House Athletics - Year 3 to 6 Morrison Reserve Mt Evelyn

Friday 15 March

Friendly School Family Picnic 4pm - 6pm

(National Day of Action Against Bullying)

Region Swimming - Selected students

Monday 18 March

Bookclub Due Back

Friday 22 March

Ride to School day

HEWI Queens Park Excursion - 3/4B & 4GH

Thursday 4 April

Healesville District Athletics - Mt Evelyn

Friday 5 April

End of Term 1 - Finishing Time 2:30pm

Tuesday 23 April

First Day Term 2

Selected Grade 6 Students to MacRobertson Girls High School 8am - 3pm approx.

Thursday 25 April

ANZAC Day Public Holiday

Tuesday 30 April


Prep B: Issy M & Ardi C

1F: Ty M & Lewis G

1/2V: Isla V, Noah M & Flynn H

2G: Annelise C

3K: Joshua O & Mia S

3/4B: Eloise S 4GH: Summer C

5/6S: Riley B 5/6W: Charli L

PE: 3K Sustainability: Lily H & Noah W

Creative Arts Captains - Sakura N & Frankie C

Reaching Division Swimming:

Summer C, Ashton C, Jack K, Issabelle W, Mia S,

Emma N, Archie K, Mia K & Scarlett T

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New Members Welcome!

Please click on the link below to find out what we do, why we do it and why we need your support.

If you have any questions about P.A.C.H. please don't hesitate to give me, Louise George, a call on 5962 4053.

Everyone is welcome.


Division Swimming - Monday March 4

Congratulations to Emma N, Mia S, Mia K, Ashton C , Archie K, Summer C, Jack K, Scarlett T and Isabelle W for competing in the Division Swimming Carnival held on Monday at Aquanation in Ringwood. All students swam hard and achieved great results!

An amazing achievement by Ashton, Archie, Summer and Jack in qualifying to compete at the Region Swimming next week. The 11yo Boys Freestyle Relay containing all of these students won their event. Summer placed second in the 10yo girls backstroke, Archie placed second in the 10yo boys breaststroke and Ashton placed second in the 11yo boys butterfly. Students placing first and second in their event Qualified for the Region Swimming. All other students received a third ribbon in at least one of their events, so it was a great effort by all.

Healesville Primary is so proud of your efforts, thank you for representing our school so well!

House Athletics Carnival - Thursday March 14

Just a reminder that the House Athletics is on next Thursday, please ensure permission notes are completed and it would be great to have as many parents as possible to help run events.

Chis Kent

Last night, I had the privilege of attending my first Healesville Primary School, School Council meeting. It was heart-warming to be part of a team completely focused on another year of educating our children, building a rich family oriented community, and transforming children’s lives.

It was great to hear about the exciting programs our teaching staff are implementing and continually developing in order to address key learning areas, such as the implementation of the Jolly Phonics program. The Jolly Phonics program is a fun & child centred approach to teaching literacy through synthetic phonics. The multi-sensory method is very motivating for all students, & teaches them the five key skills for reading & writing.

We spoke fluently about our “Friendly Schools & Families Program”, & how we will continue to grow awareness surrounding our schools strong principals on emotional wellbeing & anti – bullying within our school, & the wider surrounding community. We are committed to continuing to work towards our goal of bringing the entire school community together in order to strengthen and maintain our friendly and safe school culture.

Our commitment to developing qualities like resilience, positive self-esteem, empathy, and social skills within our school has been supported by P.A.C.H launching the Breakfast Club. This is an amazing initiative that offers breakfast to the entire student body every Tuesday morning. We hope that the numbers continue to grow each week & eventually we see 200 hungry students awaiting their bowl of cereal.

All members of our school council, teachers & parents are enthusiastic to grow our school in 2019, and we urge you all to approach any of the representative on the committee if you have any ideas, issues, or questions that you would like addressed at our up and coming meetings.

We look forward to working with the whole school community in making 2019 a great school year for all.

Jess Ilsley, School Council Secretary

Hi HPS families,

We Show Respect:

I was privileged to interview four delightful grade 6 students about the first school value, ‘We Show Respect’. I asked, what does this value mean for them and how does it influence the way they behave in various settings. They were keen to share their thoughts.

With their permission here's some snippets from our discussion. You can hear how impacted they are to be part of a school community that teaches, ‘We Show Respect’. Also, they predicted that it will impact their future relationships long after they finish school. Enjoy J

“Respect means you listen to others and help them solve their problems. It means you respect your siblings by not being difficult. You show empathy to how people feel. You help teachers with jobs. When people show respect it makes you proud to be yourself”

Scarlett (year 6)

“It means respecting and accepting the differences of others. Being kind to everyone. If people are hurt help them. Do what the teachers ask you. Help mum and dad with chores. If you have a younger sibling be a good role model. Respect a person’s privacy. It gives people a positive outlook. It makes me feel safe and happy and warm inside.

Isabelle grade 6

“It means you respect a person’s property. It means I help others. I respect that people have feelings and I show empathy. It affects how you act as a person later in life. It impacts and flows on to the other school values. It fills my bucket.”

Emma grade 6

“We show respect means being kind to everyone…showing everybody the way you want to be treated. It means you don’t purposely annoy people to get attention. It shows people they can trust you. It changes your mood. It helps you in your future. The school has a good vibe and visitors feel good when they come here.”

Oscar 6

I thought it was a great note to finish on. “The school has a good vibe and visitors feel good when they come here”…..As a newcomer to HPS I can attest to that. Thank you for the part you play in this wonderful community!

Have a great week.



House Tokens

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Hello. I’d like to introduce myself to the Healesville Primary School community.

My name is Erica and I am a Family Services Practitioner from the Lilydale office of Anglicare Victoria. Anglicare Victoria is a non-government agency that creates opportunities to transform futures by preventing, protecting and empowering children, young people and families. Anglicare does this through a range of programs that help families understand and overcome issues. These can be related to parenting, separation/family breakdowns, mental illness, isolation, violence and drug and alcohol dependence. Together with the Outer East Integrated Family Services Alliance, I am part of a new project which sees me co-located at Healesville Primary, Badger Creek Primary and Chum Creek Primary to provide family-centred and child focused responses to the school community.

Family Services is a no-cost, voluntary service. Family Services provides specialist in-home and casework support for a range of families who, at any one point, find themselves struggling. Sometimes a family just needs a helping hand, other times the issues can be more complex and already involve Child Protection or other agencies. Family Services however is not Child Protection and our work focuses on preventing a family entering or re-entering the Child Protection system. We work to reduce risk, increase safety for children and address intergenerational vulnerability.

Family Services is goal-focused and strengths-based and we collaborate respectfully and transparently with you while upholding the best interests of your child.

Family Services has a focus on early-intervention and can help by:

· Providing parenting support to strengthen your parent skills

· Making referrals to other community services and advocating on your behalf

· Empower you to make the changes you want to see happen in your family

· Contribute ideas and strategies to help you manage your child’s difficult or challenging behaviours that are occurring at home or at school

· Offer culturally sensitive services to families and kinship carers with linkage to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander specific services

Contact: I am based in your school community to provide direct case management, information and/or advice and referrals to help you and your family get back on-track. Please reach out to me.

You can also talk with your child’s teacher, principal or any member of staff who can, with your permission, consult with me on your behalf and arrange for me to contact you.

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If your child is unwell and unable to attend After School Care,

please call Stacey direct on 0405 440 885.

If you wish to enrol in Before and/or Afterschool Care, you need to enrol via the

Camp Australia enrolment link below.

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