How did Cabeza de Vaca survive?

By Hayden Beaty

Cabeza de Vaca Essay

You'll soon discover why Cabeza de Vaca was so amazing. Cabeza was a Spanish explorer who faced many challenges. Cabeza had to cross a whole beach with mosquitoes swarming him from the inside out. Cabeza also had to face armed strangers that told him to drop his flint and food, so he did. Another thing Cabeza had to do is he had to cross the Rio Grande River that was two hundred miles wide, he couldn't swim, and there were cannibals near by. I wonder how the amazing Cabeza de Vaca survived because he had great respect for the Native Americans, he was a successful healer and he was able to survive in the wilderness, Which helped him to survive because he knows what to eat and not to eat.

Without a doubt Cabeza de Vaca had a lot of respect for the Native Americans, this helped him through his long journey because they deafened him. The famous Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca lived through many challenges because he had respect for the Native Americans. The Spanish explorer was a good healer, That showed that he cares for them and respected them. The Spanish conquistador Cabeza actually helped many Native Americans that had an arrow resting on his heart (Doc C). Cabeza really cared for the Native Americans because he got angry when the Spaniards were torturing the Native Americans (Doc D). After Head of Cow healed some of the Native Americans so they trusted him more (DOC.D). As you you can see, Cabeza de Vaca respected the Native Americans so they helped him find a Spanish settlement.

You'd better believe that Cabeza de Vaca had a lot of wilderness skills. Cabeza crossed the raging 200 mile wide Rio Grande River with not a lot of food and water (DOC A). He also crossed a huge desert on foot across Texas and Mexico (DOC.A). Head of Cow got all of his fire from a tree that got struck by lighting that helped him stay warm (DOC.B). Cabeza also traveled on foot around the Sierra Mandre Mountains just so he could find a Spanish settlement(DOC.A)as you can see Cabeza de Vaca have many wilderness skills in his whole trek

Have you ever heard that Cabeza de Vaca was a successful healer. Cabeza did a operation on a man that had a arrow resting on his heart. Cabeza's reputation grew so big that the whole country knew about the amazing man. All the people treated him like a royal or God.(DOC.C) This proved that Cabeza had a success as as a healer. All this respect made it easier to escape. The Indians that had him as a slave thought he was a great healer.(DOC.C) Finally now you know that Cabeza was a amazing healer

In my belief Cabeza de Vaca was so awesome. Like I've been saying Cabeza had to face mosquitoes, armed strangers, and the Rio Grande. How did the famous Conquistador able to pull through his whole trek? Alvar Nunez had so much great skills in the wastelands, so much healing powers, and friendships with the Native Americans.