Tesla's genius

The inventor who was forgotten


Nikola Tesla was a great inventor who invented the tesla coil, neon lighting, remote control, radio and many other useful things. But why haven't we heard about him before? Well, you probably haven't heard of him because he is overshadowed by Thomas Edison. The inventor of the light bulb was more a fraud than anything else. Things he made were influenced by other people who didn't get credit. Tesla was one of the people Edison owed credit to.

Nikola Tesla had worked for Edison once, and during that period, the young inventor had said he could improve Edison's machines. Edison said that if he could do as he claimed, Tesla would get a $1,100,000 bonus. Tesla successfully improved the machines and asked for the money. Guess what? Edison laughed and said, "Tesla, you don't know our American humour."

Tesla vs Edison

From then on, Edison was one of Tesla's enemies. There was soon going to be a battle between the two of them which Nikola Tesla won. But from then on, Edison would hate Nikola Tesla even more. Tesla was forgotten in history. People who had heard about him thought he was a crazy, mad scientist but most of the population had never heard of him.

Tesla is becoming more popular though. People are spreading the word through posters and through the web. Nikola Tesla must not be forgotten!