A New Educational Adventure

Westminster Fulton, MO

The End, Beginning, and another End

The first leg is fairly easy, I have already been accepted but the real fun starts on the first day. The freshman walk through the symbolic columns to signify them leaving high school and entering a new level of higher education. They only walk through twice the entire time at school. The second is after graduation all the seniors walk through the columns one last time as they enter the real world.

The choices

As our high school careers come to an end we all realize that we must go on to get a degree. Well, most of us anyway. But with all the schools out there how could I ever decide? I visited multiple colleges that all felt like I was going to school, but when I stepped on the Westminster Campus I felt at home. My journey will take four years or more and I plan to get a degree and move on to Medical school. To be a doctor is the true goal but along the way why not make some stops?

Go Greek?

While there is an option to join a fraternity or sorority at the college I don't feel like that is the right thing for me. I believe that while in school I will live in the residential dorms. They are a good size and I probably will only need them for sleep. I will most likely be working to pay for school or Studying to pass the classes.

Want to Join Me?

Follow any of the Title links or call the college and discover for yourself the joys this adventure could bring you.