National Transportation Safety

NTSB EST. 1967

What is the leadership structure? Who is the current leader? How is the person selected?

Leader: Christopher A. Hart (Honorable Chairman)

5 Board members whom report to Hart

One manager director whom reports to the board members

Eight officers whom report to the manager

**All are nominated by the President and approved by the Senate, serving 5 year terms**

What is the origin of the agency? When was it founded and what changes has it experienced over the years?

The NTSB originated in the Air Commerce Act of 1926. Specifically created on April1st. The NTSB became an independent agency placed within the US. Department of Transportation for administrative purposes. although, this was later changed in 1974. The NTSB was reestablished as completely separate from the US. Department of Transportation, this was because their independence was deemed necessary for proper oversight.

What is the purpose?

The NTSB is responsible for investigating every civil aviation accident in the US. and significant accidents in other modes of transportation- railroad, highway, marine, and pipeline.


June 2009 Washington Train Collision

Train-on-train collision with operator and 8 passengers dying becoming the deadlist train wreck in Washington history. NTSB declared faulty track circuit and track control system cause of accident.

Ryan PT-22 Recruit

A training aircraft used by U.S military during WWII crashed in a L.A golf course injuring actor Harrison Ford. NTSB declared engine power was lost after taking off.

Southwest 737 Fuselage Rupture

A rupture occured on a Southwest airline flight that occording to the NTSB the extensive fatigue cracking in area could not have been discovered during routine maintainence just by visual inspection.


  • High School Diploma (most have college diploma)
  • Specialized work experience
  • Pilot-in-command flight hours
  • Pilot certificate
  • ASEL and AMEL rankings
  • Skills in writing and oral presentations
  • Knowledge of aviation accident investigation practices, procedures, and technique


In 2005 their were crticisms about the head of NTSB and many questioning whether the White House will appoint a new director. Earlier criticsims from 1990 questioned the conclusions and investigations conducted by the NTSB.